National Institutes of Health Offers Free Webinar on Long-Distance Caregiving

Several weeks ago, I wrote a post about practical tools for long-distance caregivers. I have a soft spot for those who are caregiving from afar because my family has been through such a journey more than once. That’s why I was so pleased to learn that the National Institutes of Health has posted a free webinar, Aging Parents: Caregiving from Afar, that is available anytime, day or night.

This one-hour webinar is unique in that it includes a video of the speaker – a very knowledgeable Hazel Osborn, M.A. at LifeWork Strategies, Inc. – as well as a follow-along PowerPoint presentation and a downloadable handout containing extra resources.

The webinar focuses on six questions:

  • How will I know when help is needed?
  • What can I realistically do from afar?
  • How can I involve my other family members?
  • What is a geriatric care manager?
  • How can I keep tabs on medical care and related issues?
  • What are some ways I can cope with caregiver stress?

A caution to those who are accustomed to flashy audiovisuals: there are no CGI effects in this presentation, nor are there many bells and whistles. This is a good old-fashioned workshop that the National Institutes of Health decided to videotape so that the 7 million long-distance caregivers who couldn’t attend in person will have the opportunity to benefit from this very helpful advice.

Please let me know what you think of this educational resource. How did it help? What were you left still wondering? Perhaps we can try to fill in those gaps right here.


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    Loved your note regarding your grandmother with alz. I truly believe that Mother is still in there and just love the times when I can see her for just a moment. Is worth waiting on. She is a lovely woman and I miss her.

  • In reply to cajunsam:

    Dear cajunsam,

    Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. I'm so glad that you are able to experience those moments of connection with your mother, and I completely understand what you mean when you say that the wait is more than worth it.

    Take good care,
    Dr. Chill

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