Restaurant Du Jour-Chicago Raw Food

I stumbled upon Chicago Raw,, by accident when I was perusing the produce at Chicago's French Market a year ago.  After asking the poor sales associate a thousand questions, I was sold on grabbing a super food salad, traditional hummus, "salmon" pate, and chocolate-orange truffles to take home with me for the weekend.

Raw, which stands for Raising Awareness Worldwide, is also a hint into the specialty of the two ladies who started this company.  The food is all 100 percent raw and plant-based, which makes it vegan and vegetarian-approved, but I believe is also a tasty adventure for just about anyone.

If you know me, you have heard me rave on-and-on about the hummus from Chicago Raw. It is not only sold in the Chicago Raw store in the French Market, but is also conveniently available at Whole Foods city-wide and is my current obsession.  This hummus is absolutely the most fresh tasting hummus I have ever had store-bought.  Use it on sandwiches, as a veggie dip or with Chicago Raw's flax crackers.

My second favorite food from Chicago Raw has to be the truffles-they are amazing.  When you think about chocolate, you oftentimes do not think about "health."  However, this raw cocoa is definitely better than the processed milk chocolate bars people tend to devour.

If you check out their labels, you will recognize every ingredient on the list, which is comforting for those of us who like to know what you are eating.  They use whole, natural ingredients like Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Himalayan Crystal Salt (HCS) and healthy nuts provide the base for many of the items as well, like the tiramisu.

I highly recommend trying some of the menu items from Chicago Raw the next time you are at the French Market or grabbing some fresh spreads to-go from Whole Foods.

If you want to learn more about the Raw lifestyle and cooking, check out some of their upcoming classes:

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