How to Eat Healthy Sushi

Here are some quick tips to ensure you have a healthy meal the next time you dine on some sushi!


  • Avoid tempura anything
  • Cut out the "spicy," cream cheese, eel sauce, and white/cream sauces on top
  • Tell them not to salt or marinate your edamame-eat them plain, without dipping
  • Avoid the teriyaki appetizers


  • Ask for low-sodium soy sauce and cut your intake by 50%
  • Ask for brown rice
  • Order half Maki rolls and half sashimi to cut down on rice if brown rice is unavailable
  • Try rice wine vinegar as your dip instead of soy sauce for less sodium
  • Try a seaweed salad-seaweed is SO healthy!
  • Go to a BYOB so you drink less/pay less!
  • Get the simpler rolls like: tuna and avocado, tuna and jalapeño, rainbow without the sauces, etc.

My favorite sushi spots in the city:

  • Coast Sushi
  • Mirai Sushi
  • Shaw's Crab House (they have great rolls believe-it-or-not.  Their fish is so fresh!)

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