Best Healthy Food On-the-Go in Chicago

As a nutritionist, I want a Protein Bar every two blocks so that this healthy, tasty and quick food is more prevalent than the more common and unhealthy Starbucks and McDonald's we see on every city block.

However, Protein Bar's four convenient locations in the downtown Chicago area will suffice: Franklin and Adams, Washington and Wells, FFC West Loop and River North.

(For the locations, go to: Protein Bar Locations)

Why do I love Protein Bar so much?  It isn't just the filling and nutrient-dense bar-ritos or the friendly staff, it's the quickness you receive a meal that satisfies you and gives you some serious nutrition.

The meals are centered around the importance of healthy protein: both animal- and plant-based sources, as well as providing yummy meals under 500 calories.  They focus on whole ingredients and organic choices when it comes to grains, produce, and meats and will only include healthy ingredients on the menu, period.

Have dietary restrictions?  If you are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, rest-assured this is the best spot for you to dine in the city on-the-go!  If you have any dietary restrictions, they provide you with flavorful substitutions.  This is incredible news for people who a struggle with making healthy choices and living within their dietary guidelines.

All-in-all, Protein Bar is a home-run for just about anyone needing a good breakfast, lunch or dinner spot in Chicago.

My favorite Protein Bar meals include: 

  • Quinoa Chili - ridiculously scrumptious and filling
  • HI-5 "green" drink - so tasty you will not even believe it!
  • Guac & Roll Bar-rito
  • Red Line Smoothie

Check out their menu items: Protein Bar Menu

You can order on-site, carry-out, and even do catering for your next company meal!  For more information about Protein Bar Chicago, go to



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  • We need one of these in Lakeview! Yum.

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