1. This roster STINKS right now. Don't give me this talk about how Kirk Hinrich was a "solid" pick up for Chicago when he may be, perhaps, the BEST pick up for Chicago during the offseason. 

Marco Bellinelli (5.2ppg, 37%FG, 15mpg)  has performed exceedingly below expectations, failng to grasp the Thibodeau defensive system, he appears lost on the court. Thibs' isn't even playing second year forward Jimmy Butler, to the dismay of many. Butler (5.6ppg, 2.5rpg, 15.6mpg) is shooting the highest percentage (52%) from the field on the entire team, but continues to not be included in the Bulls' gameplan. Not mention the supposed replacement for Omer Asik; Nazr Mohammed, has played a total of 75 minutes in 11 games. Vladmir Radmanivic and 1st round pick, rookie Marquise Teague have played considerably less. Each combining for 50 minutes played total. 

Is this what Derrick is supposed to be excited about returning to? If he does return, will it be enough - adding his rust and adjustment to the speed of the game - to take this team to an NBA Finals? The problem with the Bulls to begin with was that Rose has little scoring assistance in the postseason. There has been no addition to surmise that notion and give comfort that Derrick would have any more help offensively than he did in 2010-11.

Get real.
As the Chicago Bulls continue to play .500 basketball, many fans anxiously anticipate “The Return” of the Jedi… I’m sorry, the return of star point guard and former NBA MVP Derrick Rose. However, the absence of Rose, plus the Bulls struggles could be a perfect opportunity for the Bulls front office – much like Luke... Read more »