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NFL Power Rankings: Week 14 (Gallery)

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10) -The star of Chad Henne is fading in Jacksonville. The acquisition of Jason Babin makes the possibility of Tim Tebow returning to Duvall County more realistic.
Four more weeks until the end of the NFL regular season and teams are spicing up, preparing for the playoffs like a delicious vanilla egg nog. No playoff spot is truly safe and no bye’s are certain. Let’s take a look at Week 14’s Power Rankings.

Holiday NFL Power Rankings: Week 12

It’s the most wonderful time of year, the holiday stretch of NFL football. Fans got the chance to enjoy gobs of turkey and Thanksgiving Day games and now we approach the New Year and teams position themselves for division wins, playoff byes and wildcard pushes. Let’s take a look at this week’s positioning.   32.... Read more »

NFL Power Rankings: Week 10

  The NFL season is about to get real interesting. As the playing field evens, the playoffs grow nearer, the plot lines begin to thicken. Check out Week 10’s Power Rankings tonight’s Thursday Night Football match-up. Here are my, Week 10 Power Rankings:   32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-7) The Chiefs rank among the league’s worst... Read more »

2012-13 NBA Regular Season Power Rankings

2012-13 NBA Regular Season Power Rankings
The NBA Regular season kicks off tonight! Let’s take a look at where I stack this year’s teams as they all begin to compete for an NBA Championship. LeBron starts his first ever title defense with the Miami Heat and the rest of the league will try to take it away. Who has the best... Read more »

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8
Follow @curtisshawflagg // 32. Cleveland Browns (1-6) Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson don’t even look like they are playing for the same team. 31. Carolina Panthers (1-5) Super Bowl guarantee? How about a seven win season guarantee? 30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) With Maurice Jones-Drew out, it’s hard to see an upside for Jacksonville. 29. Kansas City... Read more »