Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose will never get to 100% sitting out

Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose will never get to 100% sitting out

With the recent comments from Derrick Rose about his hamstrings being on fire and feeling a pinch in his knee on defense, it makes me wonder why he is waiting to return. Anyone who has played basketball will tell you that you cannot get into basketball shape unless you PLAY basketball.

Derrick says "only God" knows when he will return. So are you prepared to sit out all of next year, Derrick? What about the year after? I say this because you won’t be feeling normal until you play real NBA games for a few months. Adrian Peterson didn't get back to 100% until a little after mid-season. Take a play out of his book and just come back.

In a season where there is no pressure for you to win a championship, come back for the last month, get into the playoffs and get back into game shape. Why wait until next season to continue your rehab? This IS the next step of rehab, Derrick. Sure, you could play some summer league games if you want, but that won’t replicate real NBA action.

Rose needs to come back and tear that scar tissue to get his range of motion back. Being mentally unready to come back and play is normal. But Derrick needs a nice, but kind, kick in the ass to come back and play now. The time is now. The Kid gloves gotta come off, and someone needs to get the doctor that did the surgery on the phone with him. The quicker he gets back, the quicker he becomes THAT Derrick Rose again.

No one in Chicago (with a brain) is expecting Derrick to come back and be the player of old right away. It will take a while. He might not be incredibly productive at all this season. The rust of not playing in an actual NBA game for almost a year will mean he’s rusty. But it sounds as if Rose wants to just come back and be the MVP player again. I respect that completely—it’s just unrealistic. That won’t happen from practice and working out.

That scar tissue will tear, and he will regain more range of motion as he plays in actual games.

On a side note, Chicago simply amazes me. If this was Jay Cutler, people would be picketing his house, and protesting, "TRADE DIS HERE BUM! HES A QUITTER! QUITLER!" But this situation has been handled well. No other athlete in Chicago could get this kind of treatment. For the first time, I kind of want Chicago to put some pressure on Rose to come back.

The kid gloves have to come off right now, and someone needs to tell Derrick that NOW is the time. Watching the Bulls play right now hurts. It makes your eyes bleed. It would be nice to get some kind of sanity back watching this team.

C’mon Derrick. Just. Come. Back.

There is no pressure this season for you to beat the Heat. This team isn't good enough anyway. And that makes it perfect timing to come back and get back to being Derrick Rose for next season.

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