NBA All-Star Weekend: Top Five Greatest Dunk Contests of All-Time

The NBA Slam Dunk contest is the most popular skills competition in all of professional sports. The slam dunk revolutionized the way basketball's played and is now just as natural in the game as the dribble. An aerial showcase of athleticism, creativity and swagger, the dunk has become strategic and profitable for the NBA - despite a recent lack of appeal - and paved the way for specialists and has driven ticket sales (see: Toronto Raptors pre-1998, then post 2004) for franchises.

What makes the slam dunk contest special is the rivalries. A head-to-head competition between two extraordinary talents, both vying to captivate the crowd, their fellow players, the judges and viewing public. In barbershops, watercoolers and living rooms across the nation, fans debate who had the best dunk, who should be in next year and the age-old question, "who is the greatest dunker of all-time".

Here at "As I See It", I went through the legs, around the back and double pumped though slam dunk competition archives to compile the five greatest match-ups in contest history.

Sit back, click play and enjoy the greatest skills competition in the history of sports.


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