10 young sports figures who are here to stay

In professional sports, athletes come and go. There was a time in pro sports when wherever you landed was where you stayed. This generation is quite different. Now free agency, competition and the "win effect" seem to have created a break in loyalty that extends far beyond just the playing field, which I talked about in an earlier post titled, "The Hypocrisy of Loyalty In Sports". From Joe Montana to Peyton Manning, many athletes who most thought would stay with one team for their entire careers have quickly learned that nobody is safe in a "win now" society. So those who have stayed with one team and have achieved a significant level of success are heralded and such clauses like the "Larry Bird" rule have been initiated to reward those who so choose to stick it out monogamously.

Today we take a look at 10 figures in the world of sports who - at their young ages - appear to be maligned with substantial potential and the the opportunity to stay within their respective sports, performing at an elite level for many years to come.

All while remaining loyal to the same team, organization or franchise.

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