David Stern should veto the Brooklyn Knight

David Stern should veto the Brooklyn Knight
Courtesy of @readjack

Oh boy, where do I start.

Before the first ever home game at the new Barclays Arena, the Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new Marvel designed, "Brooklyn-inspired" mascot, the Brooklyn Knight. What would transpire, however, will live on in comedic infamy.

Let's start with the introduction.

Nets' PA announcer David Diamante, dubbed "the man with the golden voice", who gave an Oswald Bates-style monologue as the mascot descended from the rafters. As Diamante proclaimed,

"... born from the beating heart of your Brooklyn,

forged from the same steel and stone as your battleground,

he's your hunger for a team to call your own.

He's your passion given for, here to defend Brooklyn,

he's... The Brooklyn Knight!"

Unfortunately, what descended from the rafters was the opposite of everything Mr. Diamante had previously described. What came down nearly silenced the thousands in attendance, just watch for yourself,

You can almost hear the laughs from the sold out Barclays crowd. Here is why I believe that not only David Stern should veto the mascot idea, but Marvel should be sued by every comic book buying fan. Let's take a look at the design conceived of Marvel and the Brooklyn Nets organization:

What the heck is this? Is this a villain or a superhero? If this "knight" is supposed to defend the city of Brooklyn, they are in a lot of trouble. I didn't think it was actually possible to make a knight look lame. Congratulations Marvel, you finally made a superhero that crime can fight...

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