Chicago Bulls: 5 Reasons why Derrick Rose should sit the season out

As the Chicago Bulls continue to play .500 basketball, many fans anxiously anticipate "The Return" of the Jedi... I'm sorry, the return of star point guard and former NBA MVP Derrick Rose. However, the absence of Rose, plus the Bulls struggles could be a perfect opportunity for the Bulls front office - much like Luke Skywalker - to bring this team back from the Dark Side of mediocrity and to add some real pieces to take the pressure off of Derrick Rose when he comes back.

Which takes us to the point of all of this.

No doubt that myself, like many, am excited to see Derrick walk back onto that United Center floor, under the thunderous applause of screaming fans. I cannot wait for him to sink his first bucket or get a steal, sprint up the court with that unreal speed and throw down that Rose-swagged, two handed, behind the head dunk that he has now patented.

I am just as much hopeful for a successful return of Derrick Rose as the next man or woman, but I have my hesitations. To be more specific, I have my hesitations for this season. Matter of fact, without a shadow of a doubt, I do not want Derrick Rose to return this season. At all. Let's be clear, I know he can do it. I know he can come back from a devastating knee injury and dominate like he did for three exciting season after being drafted No. 1 overall.

But the question is, should he?

For that question, here is a list of 5 reasons why Derrick Rose should not return this season:


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