The Sports Genie: Part I

The Sports Genie: Part I

*As I See It would like to welcome a very 'special' contributor. The Sports Genie has attributed to many of the "Predictions" series that have made their way to this blog. An avid sports fan since birth, the sports genie was struck by lighting during a Wichita State Lacrosse Semi-Finals game and has since been able to predict and accurately call some of sports' biggest moments.*


The Sports Genie Predicts....


  • The Denver Broncos will make it to the AFC Conference Finals

Yes Peyton Manning will lead the Broncos to the AFC title game, who they play is relevant, as that team will go to the Super Bowl. If I told you who that was, I would have to kill you, but I wouldn't know how to find you since you are reading this on the web, so I'd be best to just move on...


  • Roger Goodell will make a public apology for his handling of "Bounty-Gate"

He really doesn't have a choice at this point. Although obvious, a 'prediction' still...


  • There will be a huge Fantasy Football Fraud Scandal involving a major player

Maybe not this season, but Fantasy Football will fall, and it will fall hard. See: Online Poker.


  • Tim Tebow will be the Dallas Cowboys next starting quarterback

Yes, I was struck by lighting, but think about it.




  • The Miami Heat will win a second straight NBA Championship

That's all you really wanted to know right? Book it.

  • Royce White will learn to fly

I believe White can fly, I believe he can touch the sky, I think it about it every night and day, spre... Sorry, but White will make the away games, by air.



  • The NHL season will be a holiday present

Think, NBA lockout.



  • Jon Jones beats Chael Sonnen, fights Anderson Silva, loses

There, I just saved you $150 bucks, and made you a lot more. You'll thank me later.

  • Mayweather v Pacquiao

December 2013, book it.




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