NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

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32. Cleveland Browns (1-6)

Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson don't even look like they are playing for the same team.

31. Carolina Panthers (1-5)

Super Bowl guarantee? How about a seven win season guarantee?

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)

With Maurice Jones-Drew out, it's hard to see an upside for Jacksonville.

29. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5)

Kansas City has been outscored 16-47 in its past two games. Brady Quinn has 0TD's-2INT's in those two games.

28. Oakland Raiders (1-5)

The Raiders overtime win against Jacksonville may be fools gold, six turnovers in the past two games negates Carson Palmer's stellar performances (49-79, 651yds, 2TD-2INT).

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4)

Greg Schiano may be out before season's end. Clearly outshining his team with his decisions and philosophy, apparently to the detriment of Tampa Bay's success.

26. Tennessee Titans (3-4)

Chris Johnson has rushed for 286 total yards and 2 touchdowns in Tennessee's past two games, both wins.

25. Miami Dolphins (3-3)

The Dolphins enjoyed a bye this week, however, the next few weeks won't be as restful (at Jets, at Colts)

24. Cincinnati Bengals (3-4)

Andy Dalton's production continues to decline, and so does Cincinnati's playoff hopes.

23. Indianapolis Colts (3-3)

#ChuckStrong continues...

22. Buffalo Bills (3-4)

Buffalo will know alot about itself in the next two weeks (at Texans, at Patriots). Nonetheless, the running has returned (331yds, 2TD's, 1fumble in past two games).

21. New Orleans Saints (2-4)

Doesn't really matter what Drew Brees does if the secondary gives up over 400 yards passing for 3TD's. Well, maybe throw for 500 yards and 4TD's...

20. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

The Steelers appear to be back, on the ground that is (167yds, 1TD). Rashard Mendenhall should be back in lineup soon as well.

19. New York Jets (3-4)

The Jets are running out of answers, and games. Expect major changes after the Week 9 bye if they lose to Miami on Sunday.

18. St. Louis Rams (3-4)

The Rams have to find a way to put points on the board (18.6ppg-26th) in a tough, tough, NFC West division. The schedule won't help either, as St. Louis will have to host New England, enjoy a bye, then go to San Francisco.

17. Arizona Cardinals (4-3)

When the Cardinals were winning (4-0), they failed to net 300 yards of total offense. Now they are losing (0-3), and have averaged 323ypg. Answers, anyone?

16. San Diego Chargers (3-3)

A heartbreaking Monday night loss to division rival Denver and a sound beating by the 2-4 Saints, the Chargers are starting to look a lot like.... The Chargers. 8  turnovers committed in the last two games (both losses).

 15. Denver Broncos (3-3)

Denver has the opportunity to play masters of their own destiny, the next three opponents have a combined record of 6-13.

14. Washington Redskins (3-4)

RGIII looked spectacular against the defending champion New York Giants (20-28, 258yds, 2TD's). However, the Redskins defense must close out games. In the past three games, Washington's defense has given up 45 fourth quarter points.

13. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)

The Andy Reid Eagles are 13-0 following bye weeks. Their next opponent, the Atlanta Falcons, are 6-0 after playing any teams this season.

12. Seattle Seahawks (4-3)

There is a identity crisis in Seattle right now, in games when they rush over 100 yards, the Seahawks are 2-3, but the defense is still only allowing 15ppg. Russell Wilson appears to be the biggest question mark going forward. Matt Flynn still waits in the wings.

11. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)

The running game returned for the Steelers at Cincinnati (167yds, 1TD). That is a good sign as Pittsburgh will face two of the NFL's best rush defenses (Washington: allowing 85ypg-7th, NY Giants: 3 total rushing touchdowns allowed-8th).

10. Dallas Cowboys (3-3)

The Cowboys have only rushed for over 100 yards twice this season, and the passing game is the question?

9. Green Bay Packers (4-3)

Aaron Rodgers is on absolute fire, in the past two games Rodgers has thrown for 660 yards, 9TD's-0INT's. Clearly back to MVP form. The defense however, is still giving up over 300 yards of total offense.

8. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)

The 30 point loss to Houston isn't nearly as worse as the loss of Ray Lewis and Ladarius Webb. That game may have been more of adumbration than anything. They must return to the run game in order to keep the slimming defense on the sidelines. Terrell Suggs did return to action after an improbable return from an Achilles injury was supposed to sideline the lineman for the season.

7. Minnesota Vikings (5-2)

Christian Ponder cannot throw for only 45 yards in a game if the Vikings want to have a chance at competing for the NFC North. The Vikings defense is continuing to allow an average of 18ppg, holding Arizona to just two touchdowns last week.

6. New York Giants (4-3)

The G-Men pulled out a last minute win against the Washington Redskins, nonetheless, they are currently enjoying a three-game winning streak. They are also enjoying an average of 412ypg.

5. San Francisco 49'ers (5-2)

Alex Smith has been exposed as the Niners' Achilles heel. In the past two games, Smith has thrown 1TD-4INT's. San Francisco is 1-2 when Smith throws an interception. Game management is key for Smith to lead his team back the NFC Championship.

4. New England Patriots (4-3)

New England has gone 3-1 since their 1-2 start. In those games, the Pats' have averaged 33.7ppg. They now lead the league in scoring offense with 31ppg.

3. Chicago Bears (5-1)

The Bears are playing borderline perfect football, despite leaving points on the field against Detroit. The Bears defense is atop the NFL's elite and both Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs are front runners for Defensive Player of the Year consideration.

2. Houston Texans (6-1)

The blowout against the Packers seems to be a mere aberration considering the 43-13 win against Baltimore. Which is moot due to the cushion Houston has made for themselves in the AFC South.

1. Atlanta Falcons (6-0)

Atlanta remains the last unbeaten team in football. Don't be surprised however, if the Falcons fall into a trap Sunday against the desperate Philadelphia Eagles.


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  • I think you meant the Pats have gone "3-1" and the Packers, Steelers, Chargers, Bills, and Dolphins deserve to have a W-L record :) Just a friend helping out!

    And I disagree with Tillman and Briggs as front runners. J.J. Watt is the front runner. Tillman and Briggs in the conversation? Of course. Plenty of season to become the front runners? Of course.

  • Solid list

  • Thanks David! However JJ is a product of media hype, no real numbers. Matter of fact Briggs above JJ in tackles, touchdowns, forced fumbles and interceptions. Tillman only has three less tackles (24), than Watt as well (27)

  • Thanks Tizzle Slizzle

  • I'll respectfully disagree...

    JJ is #1 is sacks, and is a force on the Texans D-Line. After some eye tests (watching the Texans dominate other than the GB game), he is a mammoth and a force. Just as important to recover those fumbles as to forcing 'em. Briggs and Tillman are among my favorites for our Bears - but I have to say JJ is carrying that defense (especially without Cushing), and Briggs and Tillman are more a product of the system. And as you know, WLB is set up to get more tackles in Lovie's defense.

    This debate is playing with my heart - I love Briggs and Peanut!

  • You are absolutely right about JJ carrying that defense. This is an exciting season for the veteran Bears defensive players. Don't be surprised if Tim Jennings name pops up in the discussion as well if he plays anywhere near the way he did in Chicago's first few games. At a point in time opposing QB's had a 4.9 QB rating throwing to Jennings. Crazy numbers..

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