NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

The New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns remain unbeaten in the, “Who Is Worse” category. Houston and Arizona have no blemishes on their record up to this point; let's see where they all stack up.


32. Cleveland Browns (0-4)

Under construction....

31. New Orleans Saints (0-4)

N.O. continues the 'Karma tour' with a loss to an angry Green Bay Packers team. However, the Saints must address the 0-4 elephant in the French Quarter.

30. Indianapolis Colts (1-3)

Reality may be starting to set in around Indianapolis. The bye doesn't change much as they host the Packers and go to New York to face Rex Ryan's desperate Jets.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)

Shiano better concentrate more on establishing leadership on this team rather than diving in the final seconds of games. If not his tenure in Tampa could be short lived. If Josh Freeman doesn't find a way to click with Vincent Jackson they might all be out soon.

28.  Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3)

Maurice Jones-Drew wasn't a factor in a loss against the Bengals. That's a huge problem for the Jags' as Blaine Gabbert is still feeling out the NFL. The Jags’ defense in downright criminal.

27. Oakland Raiders (1-3)

Oakland came out lame against a Broncos team that was reeling from an emotional loss to Atlanta. They must find a way to ignite Darren McFadden and the rushing attack or else Carson Palmer will have to overcompensate with a mediocre receiver group.

26. Buffalo Bills (1-3)

The Bills are who we thought they were. C.J. Spiller is on the mend but doesn't look to be close to full strength. At this time Spiller appears to be the Bills only hope.

25. Tennessee Titans (1-3)

Where Chris Johnson is nobody knows. However what we do know is that that Titans will be without rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill with a separated shoulder injury and they are now 1-3, good for last in the AFC South.

24. Carolina Panthers (1-3)

It appears to look alot like a repeat of last season for Carolina. Flashes of brilliance and sputters of youth and immaturity from Cam Newton all while the Panthers find new ways to lose games. The Panthers defense is almost as criminal as the Jaguars'.

23. Miami Dolphins (1-3)

The Dolphins almost knocked off the undefeated Arizona Cardinals in an overtime thriller and Ryan Tannehill threw for 431yds. That is the best news to come out of Miami. The Fins' pass defense is giving up over 307yds per game.

22. Kansas City Chiefs (1-3)

Kansas City is the best of the worst at this point in time in the season. A talented team that boasts the No.2 rushing attack, but the No.20 rush defense, giving up over 100yds/g and 1TD/g.

21. Detroit Lions (1-3)

It's beginning to look a lot like every other season than the last two for Detroit. Even Calvin Johnson is dropping an absurd amount of passes. Nonetheless, Detroit still boasts the league's best passing attack (322yds/g) and the 9th best pass defense (213yds/g).

20. St. Louis Rams (2-2)

The best thing going for the Rams is an undefeated record in the NFC West (1-0). Stephen Jackson needs help from the offensive line and backup Darryl Richardson. H-back Brit Miller must be worked into the offense as well if the Rams want to have a shot in the West.

19. New York Jets (2-2)

The Jets remain a joke, and now their score and record are starting to indicate reality. The Tebow-shadow grows larger around starting quarterback Mark Sanchez by the minute. After the 34-0 annihilation from the hands of the San Francisco 49'ers, it appears to be a countdown to the dismantling of the Rex Ryan-era.

18. Seattle Seahawks (2-2)

After a two game win streak, Seattle fell into a trap against a tough-nosed St. Louis team. Russel Wilson will have to grow up fast in order for this team to make any more progress.

17. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said it best; the Cowboys are an accident waiting to happen. Monday Night may just have been that accident.

16. Denver Broncos (2-2)

Things aren't going to get any better for the Broncos as they travel to New England for another Manning v. Brady. However the Broncos are looking up at the San Diego Chargers in a division that was supposed to be a gimmie for Payton and Denver.

15.  Washington Redskins (2-2)

RGIII can only do so much. The Washington secondary (326yds/g - 32nd overall) is absolutely appauling. Washington's schedule before the bye is: Atlanta (4-0), Minnesota (3-1), New York Giants (2-2), Pittsburgh (1-2) and Carolina (1-3).

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3)

Pittsburgh couldn't have a bye at a better time.

13. San Diego Chargers (3-1)

San Diego should get something for leading their division at this point in the season. Wins have come at the expense of the lowly Raiders, Titans and Chiefs. Their only loss came at the hands of the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. This looks all too familiar for the Chargers.

12. Minnesota Vikings (3-1)

If Christian Ponder is as for real as it appears, the Vikings are going to be the surprise team of this season. AP appears to be back to 100%. The rush defense is back to its old ways as well. Minnesota has a considerably favorable schedule until the bye and then they get knee-deep into divisional competition.

11. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

Cincinnati will host a slew of games at home, however those games happen to include Denver, New York, and Dallas. A.J. Green just may be the best wide receiver in football right now.

10. New York Giants (2-2)

The Giants are basically the same team as least year, and the year before the year before that.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (3-1)

The Eagles looked pretty good in the win over the Giants. Vick looked efficient (19-30, 241yds) despite throwing for only one touchdown. Nonetheless, it was enough to put Philly as the sole leader atop the NFC East.

8. Green Bay Packers (2-2)

The Packers appear to be back after the replacement ref-era. If Cedric Benson gets going and the defense stays as tenacious as they've played in the past two weeks, the Packers should be back in the hunt soon.

7. Arizona Cardinals (4-0)

The Cardinals are looking more for real by the game, but numbers don't lie, the Cardinals aren't really good in any category. Except for the win column, that is.

6.   Chicago Bears (3-1)

If the Bears found what most thought they could have, the NFC will be exciting to watch. The Bears D' is back at being the most opportunistic in the league, leading with 14 takeaways. The passing game seems to be finding his way as well.

5. New England Patriots (2-2)

The Buffalo Bills routing was just reassurance that the Patriots were just another victim of the replacement ref-era. Wes Welker is on pace for another 100-reception season, and the Gronk' appears to be back to being the Gronk', on the field.

4. Atlanta Falcons (4-0)

The undefeated Falcons have managed to beat four opponents whose combined record stands at 7-9. The true test will be their 29th-ranked run defense (146yds/g against the NFL's best rushing attack in the Redskins (175yds/g) next Sunday.

3.  Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

Baltimore seems to be knocking on the door as the league's best team. And if the secondary can cut down on allowing big plays in the passing game, this team can be elite. Even if Joe Flacco is or isn't.

2. Houston Texans (4-0)

Houston is dominant, the rush defense has yet to surrender a touchdown all season.

1. San Francisco 49'ers (3-1)

The Niners completely destroyed the Jets in a 34-0 route, which further distances them as the best defense in the NFL. They will have to figure something out in the passing game or just continue to hold teams to 0pts while accumulating 340+ yards on the ground. However, all good tires wear tread.

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