2012 Presidential Debate: Why I am "friends" with Mitt Romney

2012 Presidential Debate: Why I am "friends" with Mitt Romney
Mitt and me

I logged into Facebook the other day - as I do most days - because Facebook has now become my secondary email. I check to see who liked, commented or shared any of my posts, who sent or replied to my personal messages and what organization invited me to an event (which hopefully is free).

This day, however, I received a peculiar post from an old friend on my personal wall.

It read,

I got to bust you out! you are "friends" with Mitt Romney!?!

He was referring to the 'like' function Facebook. This enables people to view posts from a particular figure in the media, politics, commercial organizations and charities. A simple click of a button and everything you want to know about a particular person or organization is at your disposal.

This post notwithstanding was surprising, as I never broadcast my political affiliation on social media. I have, however made light - on a couple of occasions - about the many faux pas the Republican Party seems decumbent upon making. Nonetheless,  the wear of my political chumminess is far from on my sleeve. Maybe it's in an old pair of pants, matter of fact, I don't even know where it is.

Here are the facts, I am "friends" with Mitt Romney on Facebook. I am a 27 year old, black male with some college education. I'm a young man of many interests, goals, hobbies and opinions. Most importantly, I've never played into any stereotypes that may attributed to my race or gender. Sometimes even to the extent that my counterparts have referred to me as the "whitest black person" they've ever met.

I guess that is supposed to be a compliment..

With that said, I prefer to be an informed 27 year old, black male with some college education. Whether it be from books, media, personal research or hearsay, I want to know who is saying what, and why. Which leads to me being "friends" with Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the Republican Party on Facebook.

My voting history would suggest that I am a Democrat, but pardon me for not voting for George W. Bush (The only two early Republican selections in my short voting history). However, as I get wiser with age, I realize that even Democrats do things that I don't agree with. Many. They are human, like the rest of us.

The President of the United States of America is a mere representation of the 535 members of Congress and the few that pull strings, make side deals and  'lobby' for individual gain. When I vote, I vote for the party, not the person. So in order to know what each party represents, I try to reach out to various forms of news to find out.

Personally, I would suggest that everyone pay attention to what each side has to say about their plan. Because last time I checked, we were the "United States of America", and out pledge does say "undivided". There shouldn't be a reason why both sides can't come together for a fair compromise that benefits the needs of the many and the needs of the few.

That is why I am "friends" with Mitt Romney, plus it's better than being enemies.


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  • Interesting that you were threatened with "busting out". But not, I guess.

    However, me being assumed to be a blanco- American, if I put that I was "friends" with either Romney or Obama, it would not cause my FB friends or anyone else to "bust" me out.

    As it is I have left the world of social media, because I find it a channel to anti-social living, but that is another topic.

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