The Chicago Cubs get offensive

The Chicago Cubs get offensive
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The Chicago Cubs averaged 3.2 runs per game during their first 6 games stretch.

They increased that average by over a run in just two games.

Outscoring both the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals 17-5 in the past two days, the Cubs seem to have bought in to Rudy Jarimillo's approach in just his second year.

Well, at least for now.

The Chicago Cubs have dominated the plate, taking the aggressive batting approach - tied for 7th in hits (56), 2nd in stolen bases (7), and 1st in strikeouts (65). This has rewarded them with a 3-5 record and a three-way tie for 7th place in the National League, and two games back from the  St. Louis Cardinals (5-3) in the NL Central - with five games against them in April.

If this isn't a fluke, it would appear that the Theo/Hoyer approach to the new "Cubs Way" has taken an earlier effect than expected. Small ball, aggressive batting and base-running, with a statistical new-age approach to development and acquisition is the new Cubs protocol.

Can this hold? Can players such as Bryan Lahair, Ian Stewart, and Reed Johnson continue their stellar performance at the plate to support good starting pitching and mask a middling bullpen?

We will see.


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