Chicago Bulls bench show Derrick Rose he can lean on them in the playoffs

Chicago Bulls bench show Derrick Rose he can lean on them in the playoffs
Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose

The Miami Heat didn't score a field goal in overtime.

Derrick Rose played 25 minutes, and scored only 2 points.

The Chicago Bulls bench outscored the Heat's bench 47-7.

The  Bulls beat the Heat by ten, and delivered a serious blow to the pneuma of the Heat, heading into a point in the season when confidence is everything. 

Most importantly however, is the Bulls showed the reigning MVP Rose that he can trust and lean on them in the playoffs. Something he failed to do last season against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Championships. Whatever the case, in one of arguably the worst performances ever witnessed from Rose, the Bulls pulled out a big win over the reigning Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat.

And they made it look good when it counted.

The Bulls had Miami against the ropes with their second unit. Taj Gibson, C.J. Watson, and Kyle Korver provided all the energy and production Chicago needed, dominating both squads from Miami - scoring 44 of the Bulls 96 points.

Rose, benched late after it was clear that his services were not neccesary - didn't take it to heart - being a reigning MVP and all,

"Anything to win. Where he felt that lineup was going to win the game, it won the game, and I can't complain about anything."

Sentiment of a leader.

This should prove to be handy in the weeks to come, Derrick will need all the help he can coming off his most recent injury - one of many that have kept the guard out a combined total of 23 games this season. A fatal flaw last season was the lack of a significant support system that could come to aid when it was needed, after last night's testament to the true depth and commitment to head coach Tom Thibideau's system, it appears that this year's team is primed for Rose's full return to form.

This is the regular season.

After Thursday's dominant performance many were on high, Carlos Boozer brought it down to earth quickly given the buzz surrounding the locker room,

We're proud of ourselves for winning tonight, but we didn't win a championship.

And that is important for the Bulls to keep in mind moving forward, like how Michael Jordan needed Craig Hodges, Ron Harper, Scottie Pippen - and even John Salley -  Derrick Rose needs Watson, Korver, Gibson, and even rookie Jimmy Butler when called on to step up. This isn't a Bulls team looking to build, it's a team looking to open.

As the Bulls look towards securing the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, getting healthy and remaining healthy is paramount - especially their leader and only true hope of slaying the dragon that is the Heat. "As I See It", this team is good enough to allow Chicago's MVP some rest confidence that he doesn't have to do it all.


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