Chicago Bears 50th Pick: Who? Why?

Chicago Bears 50th Pick: Who? Why?
Phil Emery has Chicago talking

The Chicago Bears will make their second round pick with the 50th overall selection tonight during the 2012 NFL Draft. Yesterday the Bears selected Boise State LB/DE hybrid Shea McClellin with the 18th overall pick. So it would be safe to say that the Bears will look to go offensive with the second selection.

So who does that leave? And what position is in need of addressing now through the draft? McClellin was a surprise selection for many Bears fans, so does that mean that we have yet to understand the philosophy of new Chicago GM Phil Emery and his staff? If this is the case, and what we on the outside value is the antipodal of what is valued now in Halas Hall, then we can throw out all conventional wisdom on the draft boards.

And start from scrap.

So let's take a look at the Bears Needs and the players that are available in the draft to fill that void.


Jonathan Martin -Tackle  Stanford

I originally projected the Bears to select Stanford's Jonathan Martin with the 18th overall pick, however Martin managed to stay on the boards, and stay, and stay, until he slipped into the second round and perfectly into the Bears possibilities for second round steal.

Martin anchored a strong Stanford front line.  So strong of an offensive line that has already watched another peice, David DeCastro, go to the Pittsburgh Steelers with the 24th overall pick. As a Bears fan and a fan of life, Chicago needs to do something about Jay Cutler's protection. It's bad, it's dangerous - and inevitably - it will get him injured. Plus with new weapon Brandon Marshall, give Jay an average of 2 seconds to get the ball out and watch the numbers pile up.

Here is a quick look at Jonathan Martin and the size assets he can bring to the Bears front line,



Janoris Jenkins -CB North Alabama

Janoris Jenkins was my initial pick at 50. In my opinion, I believe the Bears pass rush gets an unfair bear's share (rhyme time!) of the blame when it comes to the defense. The Bears secondary was among the league's worst in yards, touchdowns, and completion percentage, while the pass rush was among the middle of the pack. Make sense? Alot of the explanation goes to a "lack of pressure" on quarterbacks that leaves more time for receivers to slip open.

I'm in the minority of this debate, I believe those statistics lie solely on a secondary that just didn't "click" last season and let the deep play get by on an unusually high occasion. Jenoris Jenkins may be one the most troubling options for a Bears organization that heavily weighs character in it's evaluation of players. Jenkins was initially dismissed from the University of Florida because of misconduct issues and will have to combat that once drafted. However, it is a risk that I am willing to go on record and say that it is worth it for the Bears.

Here is a draft profile video on Jenkins,


Coby Fleener - TE Stanford

Hands down my closet favorite in the second round. If the Bears at all want to make an immediate upgrade and impact on the tight end position offensively, than Fleener is the pick. If you need imagery or haven't ever watched a Stanford football game, as a Bears fan imagine a bigger, faster, stronger, quicker, and maybe even smarter Greg Olsen. Catching for 1,500 yards and 18TD's in his 4 year career at Stanford.

Enough said?

With a 6'6'', 246lb frame and a 4.5-40 time, You have to see to believe what Fleener can do on the field. A critical gap in the Bears offensive scheme is a tight end that can both block and receive. I am not completely sold on Fleener's blocking ability, but what little I've seen is enough to be satisfied. This pick may upset some, but not me.

I see Coby leaving the boards fairly early in the second round so the Bears will have to trade up in order to get the tight end. However, with all of the surprises so far, it wouldn't shake me to see him still available at 50, ripe for the Bears picking.

Take a look at Coby Fleener's highlights,



Alshon Jefferey -WR South Carolina

To many, one of the biggest surprises still available in the draft. Once the No.1 ranked wide receiver according to the Scouts Inc. 32 board, Jefferey brings another big target to Chicago for Jay Cutler to play with at 6'4'', 233lbs. Opposite Marshall, Jefferey could be the most dangerous weapon the Bears have in a new Mike Tice offense.

Alshon stats and highlights at South Carolina are mind boggling. Collecting over 180 passes for 3,042yds and 23TD's. His mixture of size and speed looked more like a Andre Johnson or A.J. Green than both Michael Floyd and Justin Blackmon who both left the boards early in the first round. So the slip does come as a surprise. The question on this pick is why did he fall to the second round and is it something that teams are weary about affecting the success of the franchise.
Check out the highlights from Jefferey's illustrious career at South Carolina,


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