Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose Draft Day Interview Comparison (Video)

Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose Draft Day Interview Comparison (Video)
MJ and Pooh

Yesterday I was watching NBA Classic Channel and they were covering old draft days and the events that followed thereafter. One the stuck out to me was the Michael Jordan draft, where he was selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls, and how he answered questions, foreshadowing the events to come for the city of Chicago.

We all know what happened after that draft day, Jordan went on to win six NBA Championships with the Bulls, among numerous other accolades. MJ made a mark on both the NBA world and sports culture as a whole, creating a marketing brand that has outlasted even his playing career.

Now we fast-forward to present day, the Bulls selected a hometown kid in Derrick Rose No. 1 overall. Since that day Derrick has skyrocketed into one of the leagues best point guards and probably one of the NBA's nicest guys. He is also the reigning NBA MVP and the youngest to do so at age 22.

The balance between humility and killer instincts are the qualities that embody both players and endear them to many fans, both in Chicago and all over the world. This was clearly evident in both Jordan and Rose's draft day interviews. While Michael followed the standard 1980's athlete protocol script - as did Rose - but merely updated, evidence can be spotted of an intangible drive for success that exudes from them both.

Which is why I decided to share with you all each interview for comparison. Take a look and determine for yourself,


Michael Jordan 1984 (Notice he is in Bloomington, IN???)


Derrick Rose 2008 (Couldn't seem more excited to "just play!")

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