Jay Cutler puts critics to rest in 1min 25sec Youtube video

Jay Cutler puts critics to rest in 1min 25sec Youtube video
Judge and Jury

The biggest gripe on Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, that isn't about his personality, is his mechanics. The gripe is that he has none. I guess there is a book on how a quarterback should look when he connects a frozen rope pass through traffic to the numbers of his receiver. Cutler has stated previous to the start of this season that he not only is in the best shape of his life, but that he paid extra special attention to the detail in his mechanics.

I stumbled across a short tutorial that Jay did for young quarterbacks. It is a how-to for the 3-step drop. What I noticed off the bat was that Jay does know mechanics.

Despite what the Trent Dilfer, former Bear Merril Hoge (who never played quarterback), and other Hasselbeck's of the world may be lead to believe. Cutler knows his stuff, he just can't do it correctly when he's constantly being chased by a lynch mob. Add a little cockiness and a few bad decisions and you get... Jay Cutler.

I love watching pregame/postgame/midgame analysis and the weeks worth of build-up talk that NFL football offers. However, I don't like the opinion column style of dialogue that these "experts" now engage in.

Save that for a blog like this. Because to shovel this aggrandizement every week to millions of Americans who otherwise have no choice but to sit through your "opinion" is criminal. And leave Tim Tebow alone until he Ryan Leaf's your tail.

Jay Cutler has a current 11:6 TD to INT ratio, seemingly par to course with his record from last season. He looks like he is working on his "mechanics" as it is translating to Chicago Bears wins. More to the point is that he also is working on his attitude as a leader for the Bears organization, and that makes me the most optimistic for the future of my Monsters. That is also why I loved watching him make his "pundit" critics eat crow all over his Youtube.

Here is Jay Cutler putting his critics to rest in under 1 minute and 30 seconds.



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  • You're only as good as your last game.

  • Very true, but this stigma of "Cutler has no mechanics" is a bit outdated. And now today I read nothing but articles of how now Ron Jaworski, a longtime critic of Jay, suddenly realized that it was the pressure he was under that was making him attempt off balanced throws on the "wrong foot". Although in seasons past these would generally attribute to picks and this season the wind is shifting his way.

    But as you said, you're only as good as your last game. Next up: Detroit

    Bear Down.

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