Moneyball 2: The Theo Epstein Story

Moneyball 2: The Theo Epstein Story
Maybe Theo can play Theo!

With Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs agreeing on a deal, reports surfaced this week about a potential movie. Rumors say Sony Pictures, the Moneyball studio, is working on the sequel. The preemptive title is Moneyball 2: The Theo Epstein Story. Sources say the film’s part biographical and part fantasy. The leading character, ”Theo Epstein” is unknown and Brad Pitt is out.

So who would be the best actor to portray Theo?



1) Matt Damon

He’s finished filming two movies, Happy Feet 2 and We Bought a Zoo. Damon is filming Elysium and in the pre-production of Liberace. Damon’s filming schedule would allow him to film Moneyball 2.  Plus, just look at that face.  He could use his experience on The Bourne trilogy for adding some explosions.  Baseball could use more fireworks and explosions.

2) Mark Wahlberg

Wahlberg finished Contraband and is in post-production for Ted. He’s in pre-production for Good Time Gang2 Guns, and Broken City. It’s looking like Wahlberg’s filming schedule will determine if he’s casted for the lead.  Wahlberg is a huge sports guy, but his Boston ties are the X-factor.

3) Chris Pine

Pine, known for his role in Star Trek, finished Welcome to People and is in post-production for This Means War and the Rise of the Guardians. Pine’s scheduled to start filming the untitled sequel to Star Trek, but with no production date, Pine could play “Theo.”  He has those boyish good looks. Moneyball 2 producers are “pining” for Pine (Couldn’t resist.  Too easy). Hopefully, it’s soon Sony releases the guy to play Chicago’s biggest and newest name. Maybe before filming ends, the Cubs and Epstein provided Chicago and the film a better ending then Moneyball. We won’t spoil how it ends.


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  • I was thinking Shia LaBoeuf, so long as he doesn't get arrested at Walgreens again, while shooting.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    Haha, I saw that guy piss drunk at a bar hitting on a group of black girls, my kind of guy!

  • Ben Affleck would work.

  • I like Carson Daly for it. Think about it....

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