4 REALLY BOLD Chicago Sports Predictions

4 REALLY BOLD Chicago Sports Predictions


I am neither sports genius, nor predictor nor prophet.

However, if my gut was as big literally as it is figuratively I would look pregnant. Have you ever just had that that feeling? Typically it's right before something good or bad happens, you know- the one's that usually end with,

"I was seriously about to say something", or "I had a feeling that would happen".

Well today I have that feeling, enough so that I had to write about it. This is a crazy time in the sports world. One of rapture and of recession. I have come up with 4 bold predictions that you can blame or praise, on my gut.


   1.) The Cubs will win the World Series, but not this year.

That's right, I said it! The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series. Unfortunately, not the 2012 World Series. To be more specific, the Chicago Cubs will win a World Series under newly coronated President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein. So, judging by common knowledge, that is within the next 1o years. It will happen, the odds are on their side. I get real Cubbie talk on this one and give you the raw stats, but I'll save that for John Arguello. Theo took a 98 win team with a 98 win manager and broke an 86 year curse. If anyone can do it, it's him.

   2.) Derrick Rose WILL be in a Chicago Bulls uniform this year.

And yes I do literally mean year, as in 2011. So that means there will be Derrick Rose 3-pointers dropping before New Years Eve ball drops. Pun definitely intended. This is "How I See It":

  • For the NBA's sake, c'mon! The NFL was the blueprint for how to handle a labor situation of billion dollar magnitude. Why aren't you following it? I can say I am not buying a David Stern jersey anytime soon, but he did do things marketing wise for the NBA that nobody ever did. Then again nobody had Micheal Jordan whose blood froze when the game down to 6 seconds or less.
  • Also, you're the NBA, c'mon! Arguably, the second most popular American sport and probably Chinese as well. Worldwide popularity and undue amounts of money couldn't be a big enough motivator to come to some sort of an agreement? Really?

So with that said, cooler heads will prevail and we will all enjoy basketball for season opening game. On Christmas Day.



   3.) The Chicago Bears Front Office Have Yet To Show Us The Extent Of Their Ineptness.

Jerry Angelo couldn't keep a draft if he had both doors open in a wind storm. And he also can't figure how to correctly wheel and deal. Recently releasing Pro-Bowl safety Chris Harris briefly after he made trade requests and conveniently right after the trade deadline.  And currently has only two disgruntled, but acquiescent players (Matt Forte, Lance Briggs), and one player whose resume's scream, "PAY ME!" Seriously, check these stats.

Matt Forte

  • 1,091 yds from scrimmage (1st in NFL)
  • 672 rushing yds (3rd in NFL)
  • 38 receptions (T-8th in NFL)
  • 162 touches per game (1st in NFL)

The most ironic part of this situation is that Matt Forte accounts for the most plays on the Bears. He's also used more times in either the pass or run than any other running back in the NFL. So pardon me if I don't get upset when I hear Jerry say things in the preseason like he is "intent" on getting a long term contract extension done while DeAngelo Williams (not in any top 10 category for rushing or receiving), and Chris Johnson (not in any positive top 10 category) got $43 and $55mil contracts before the first snap.  For an update on ineptness on the current Forte situation, the last Angelo qoute about it's progress was this to ESPN:

"We did what I consider our very best," Angelo said to ESPN. "I know they tried as well. We weren't able to get it accomplished. He was our No. 1 goal, we spent a lot of time in the preseason trying to get it done. Right now, our focus is on the season.


This prediction is going to sting, don't expect this one to get done this season.

Lance Briggs is deserving as well of a contract extension, arguably one the best linebackers in Chicago Bears history. Briggs leads the Bears in assists on tackles (15) and is second in solo tackles (40). Lance has been a little more vocal about his contract extension, aiding in my gut telling me Angelo will clam up more and more until - well -  the end of the season.



"As I See It" sidenote:

Half-hearted congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals for doing something no other team in history has done. Going from a 1% chance of making the playoffs with 10 games to go, to being World Series Champions. I don't know what upsets me more, that all of my Chicago teams bitter rivals are winning championships or they are doing it in epic proportion.


So I guess my 4th prediction is that both the Boston Celtics and the Vancouver Canucks will be champions in 2012.


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  • C - I really don't want to see #3 come true. Sadly there is truth in your prediction. Next year we will be cheering for Peyton Hillis and watching Matt Forte score 20 tds playing for the Patriots.

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