Emotional Chicago Bears Humbled; Dominated By New Orleans Saints

Emotional Chicago Bears Humbled; Dominated By New Orleans Saints







I could just say that Jay Cutler had a passer rating of 66.7 and that should explain about everything. Only then blame couldn't be placed in it's proper spot. The Chicago Bears headed into the Superdome to face the New Orleans Saints with heavy hearts and massive swagger, coming off of a dominating victory of the Atlanta Falcons, and the loss of middle linebacker Brian Urlacher's mother this past Monday.

Unfortunately, emotion alone wasn't enough to put points on the board as the Bears struggled throughout the game to find some consistency in their offense. If there was any offense to even stay consistent. The offensive line yet again allowed 5 or more sacks on Jay Cutler forcing rushed, errant throws that suffered the quarterback to post a 66 passer rating, on 19-45 passing, for 233yds.

It was deja-vu as Cutler continuously ran for his life mid drop-back to throw either out of bounds or his notoriously off-balanced front foot jump toss. The most silver of linings about the passing game is that despite the pressure, Cutler did not throw an interception. Albeit the Saints secondary is a bit depleted. Which is also why the lack of any significant offensive production is frustrating.

Speaking of secondary, the Chicago Bears saw the other side of their secondary go down when safety Major Wright exited the games due to a head injury. Wright had recorded 5 tackles prior to suffering the injury. Bears captain and strong safety Chris Harris was also held out of this game due to a hamstring injury.

This proved to be a issue for the Bears defense as they saw Drew Brees light up the field for 26-37 passing, 270yds, 3TD's and zero interceptions. Brees also linked up on 3rd down conversions for 12, 79(TD), 10, 4(TD), 13, 15, and 12(TD) yards. Brees helped New Orleans tally up 21pts on 3rd down conversions alone, not all contributed to the secondary. Sweep passes to Darren Sproles and a short dinker to Robert Meachem had Bears defender's looking very junior varsity as mis-communications, poor tackling and exhaustion from 8 punts proved to be too much for the beat up Chicago defense to handle.

The Bears D-Line failed to get consistent pressure on Brees, or any pressure at all for that matter. Brees appeared comfortable in the pocket and was seldomly rattled as he picked apart the Cover-2 to almost near perfection. Posting a 118.1 passer rating. Israel Idonije was the only Bear to record a sack, and Amobi Okoye was the only other player to reach Brees for a QB hit. Which merely means that the quarterback was rattled during the throw.

The Bears now head back to Halas Hall to prepare for the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers home at Soldier Field. The last time the two teams met it was in the NFC Championship game that saw Jay Cutler controversially exit with what now has been confirmed as a knee sprain. The Bears lost to the Packers 21-14 at Soldier Field as the Packers then went on to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV 31-25.

No added hype is neccesary, nothing is needed to be carried over from the New Orleans game. No contract extensions should be participatory commentary when referencing Chicago Bears this coming up week. No, in fact next week's game vs. Green Bay will mean more in just three weeks of football than maybe any other Week 3 matchup in Bears' history. For this the Bears, Brian Urlacher, the O-Line and coach Lovie Smith must put every game dating back to Jan. 23, 2011 behind them and look forward to getting reacquainted with the team whom has the throne that the Chicago Bears must watch.

And until Feb. 5, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Green Bay Packers will have that throne. At 1-1 the Bears have a long way to go, but so do 31 other teams.


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  • Disappointing game. I had a chance to either watch the Bears game at my home or the Cubs out in the drizzling rain. I chose watching the Cubs lose in a damp, slow paced game -- and strangely enough I think I made the right decision. That's how bad that Bears game was -- especially in the second half.

  • Couldn't have been more of a better decision. It was like watching "The Passion" if Jay Cutler played Jesus.... Too soon?

  • They keep saying that Fox cameras misrepresent Cutler on the sideline. I wonder.

    Payton Manning was always known for talking with his receivers on the sideline. Yesterday, Drew Brees was shown several times looking through the prints and talking to his backup.

    Yet any shot of Cutler was staring at the game after he turned over the ball, with his head in his hands, or talking to some little guy who apparently was the QB coach.

    Is Fox really misrepresenting him that badly? Or is he that bad of a "team player?"

  • Totally agree Jack. My thing with Cutler is the fact that everyone gets mad at the media for picking on his personality traits. The same things about his character at times that make him unlikable, also make him a bad teammate and leader.

    But on the contrary, I wouldn't want to speak to anybody either if it seemed like at least 5 guys at a time were plotting to get you killed when they are paid to protect you.

  • In reply to Curtis Shaw Flagg:

    Again, two bizarre thoughts of mine:
    ---Maybe he should be talking to his linemen about tightening up. On the other hand he may be so blindsided or concussed that he doesn't know how the D got through.

    --If it is that he can only connect with Bennett, who was out, and the other receivers aren't getting open, maybe he should talk to the receivers about their routes.

    However, maybe the Bears have such faith in their college of head coaches that they can take a mental time out while the other squad is on the field.

  • I think Cutler has a VERY short trust leash. If he throws to a receiver and they either don't run the route right or don't make an honest attempt at the catch, Cutler will TOTALLY forget about them.

    But if it is DB that is picking everything off(Dante Hall), he will go back to him time after time. It was one of the most confusing attributes(if you can call it that) that Cutler has. He may be the most mercurial quarterback in Bears history.

    But to your point, I think he may be just too concussed to even be able to carry on conversation on the sidelines. He probably spends most of the time trying to count the stars floating in his eyes...

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