Could Matt Forte Be Using Soldier Field Conditions As Leverage Against The Chicago Bears?

Could Matt Forte Be Using Soldier Field Conditions As Leverage Against The Chicago Bears?
Matt Forte


In a recent article here on ChicagoNow, Chicago Sports Unlimited blogger reported that Matt Forte told the Chicago Tribune that he would intend on attending training camp and workouts despite yet being given an extension, much due to the fact that he alleges Bears GM Jerry Angelo gave his word that an extension was priority and would get done.

Now the question is when? Before the start of preseason? Or before the start of regular season? Or in most cases the worst situation, during the NFL regular season? It was also reported that Forte did that it could serve as a distraction during the regular season if it's draws to that point.

Forte expressed thoughts as well on possibly sitting out the preseason if an extension hasn't been reached. Citing that playing without a contract extension puts him in severe risk of being injured and ruining his chances of extension elgibility.


"I've considered not playing in the preseason games," Forte said. "But just to make that a fact, and say 'I'm not going to,' I haven't gotten there yet.


Forte however also cited one of the reasons for his fear of injury is the poor field conditions of Soldier Field. This past week the Bears had to cancel and Family Night even in which the Bears players practice at Soldier Field in front of families and fans. But due to concerns on the safety of the field the event was cancelled and the players were bused back to Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL to finish the remainder of practice.


"Any time the field is not good enough to practice on -- that is a concern," Forte said. "There is always a concern with injuries. You can get injured going out to practice."


This comes as a new but not surprising revelation in the ongoing extension progress between Forte and the Bears organization. Ultimately the conditions of Soldier Field still seem to be an issue and after questions have been raised for years, this could ultimately be a leverage device that Forte can use against the Bears organization in efforts to maybe speed up the extension negotiation process.

There is no confirmation that this is indeed what Forte's intentions are on the issue, but here at "As I See It," I only saw it appropriate to address the possibility.

We will see in the upcoming weeks how Forte and his agent approach the situation with the Bears. Let's hope they get to some agreement before the games count.

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