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 I would like to take this time out and thank Jimmy Greenfield, the ChicagoNow community, and all of the readers around the world. It is your support, and encouragement that makes what I do worthwhile.

Welcome to "Chicago, As I See It." Where Jim Hendry would be better off working for the Mets, all Jay Cutler needs is a top 3 receiver to win the Super Bowl, and as it pains me very much to say.... and to the much shigrin of Billy Sianis, send Wrigley home, but keep the ivy ( better explained at a later date.) 

"As I See It" is a medium for a variety of different topics, as it pertains to Chicago sports. While spotlighting the social lanscape and sports culture, AISI will cover all major Chicago sports organizations (Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Fire, Chicago Sky, Chicago Wild)

This is a glimpse of what's in store on "As I See It", which will embody a compilation of different series and "epiblogs"

These "epiblogs" include:


"Roaming Report":

  •  The "Roaming Report" will cover a multitude of issues and topics outside the realm of just Chicago Sports. Hot Button topical journalism, current event coverage, also profiling legends of Chicago sports.
    and opinion. Breaking News type coverage - "Roaming Report Breaking News"
  • Upcoming entries:

Ron Santo Tribute - "More Than A Cub" 



"X-Factor Profile":

  • Player profiles on current under the radar talent. Athletes that embody the intangibles that otherwise would go unnoticed to the novice sports enthusiast.
  • Upcoming X-Factor Player Profiles:
  • Patrick Sharp
  • Brian Scalibrine
  • Kerry Wood
  • Ozzie Guillen
  • Taj Gibson
  • Alphonso Soriano
  • "My Case" Series:  
  • Shock factor style series which will be backed by impartial opinion and fact, based on history and statistics. Examples include: " My Case For Jay Cutler", and more...
  • Upcoming articles:
  • "Break In Case of Cubs World Series" 
    "My Case For Jay Cutler"
    "Case For A New Wrigley Field"
    "Case For A New Chicago Expansion Team"


      Coldest Sports Award In Chicago!


      Chicago's Finest Awards - "The Windy's

      • Unique "awards" style column for Chicago's proffesional sports athletes, front office staff, and coaches.
      • Marquee adaptation to the ChicagoNow community and the city of Chicago.
      • Multiple categories include:
      •  "Da Best" categories - Coach, Athlete, GM, Fans,
      • "Welcome to the neighborhood" - recently acquired players via trade, free agency, waivers, etc..
      • Chicago's Finest Award - "The" award..
      • Rookie of the Year Award

      Under Construction

          • Podcast style discussion on "As I See It" topics, with discussion from a panel of peers, writers, bloggers, and potentially current Chicago athletes.
          • On-Site game coverage with rapid reaction at game's end.
          • Monthly charity information on various NFP organizations affiliated with Chicago athletes and how to help
          • Outside-the-Lines style reporting on hard topics, and tough issues (steroids in high school, transgender female athletes
          • Bears Lockout coverage and updates. Insider information on potential progress, draft selection interest and draft trading inquiry.


      I am very happy to join the ChicagoNow family and look forward to stimulating your minds with a unique perspective on our city's sports.

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