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Where the F*#K are YOU going? (7/8/11 & 7/9/11)

Follow the walktapus to some of our favorite art spaces we’ll be visiting this weekend. Hope to see you there! Friday Night – Saturday Night –

The Weekly Gallery Crawl (7/8-7/10)

This week the intrepid gallery crawler bears upon his back FIREWORKS! Happy 4th of July! Go see some art… FRIDAY 7/8 – Bridgeport – Bridgeport Art Center – 1200 W. 35th St. Behind the Curtain, work by Lora Delestowicz-Wierzbowski; Urban Nature, work by Pam Hamilton and Erwin Overes. Reception 6-10pm. Bucktown – Challengers Comics +... Read more »

The Apocalypse in Art (or at least some of the apocalypse in some art)

Share by Stephanie Burke So, as my inaugural post at Editor-in-Chief of Art Talk Chicago, you will be getting a piece of my world. Now, this may bear an explanation of a congealing of events recently: going to see “The Road” (book was better, I must tip my hat to Oprah for exposing her unknowing... Read more »