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Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Saturday, February 13th

by Jeriah Hildwine SATURDAY NIGHT!!! This Saturday saw us at Concertina Gallery for X420X by Damian Abraham, and an exhibition in conjunction with the CAA Sudio Art Open Session on Painting at Shane Campbell Gallery (Ann Craven, Peter Halley, Jon Pestoni), Rowley Kennerk Gallery (Varda Caivano, Mary Heilmann, Rebecca Morris, Molly Zuckerman-Hartung), and Western Exhibitions... Read more »

The Top Ten Public Bathrooms In The Chicago Arts Neighborhoods

by Jeriah Hildwine What goes in, must come out.  With all the free beer (despite Grolsch’s recent abandonment of the Chicago art scene) and wine at the openings, that’s a lot of urine being generated.  And, it’s got to go someplace!  We’re not all Andres Serrano, so it can’t all become art.  We need bathrooms!... Read more »

So Repulsive! So Beautiful! Opposites Attract with Paul Nudd and Dan Attoe at Western Exhibitions

Review by Gretchen Holmes Dan Attoe, Daily Drawing Western Exhibitions’ fall kick-off featuring Paul Nudd and Dan Attoe traffics in one of postmodernism’s laziest tropes: something I call the Harry Meets Sally. Artists, like characters in a romantic comedy, are perpetually drawn to opposites. The abject and the sublime, the masculine and the feminine, the... Read more »

Western Exhibitions and the Weekend

I’d like to spotlight a couple things about the upcoming weekend, and also give links to worthy people who cull through all this stuff. In a nutshell, tonight is the second Friday of the month, so Pilsen (around 18th and Halsted – see our map) has got a whole lineup of stuff. They say there are... Read more »