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Metamorphoses at Roy Boyd

by Anna Rathman “Early Growth” Brigitte Riesebrodt’s “Metamorphoses” requires a sensory approach. While that may seem pointless to say, the works focus on the fundamental change of forms blocks a content-based reading. Through her use of color and texture, Riesebrodt distills experiences into more simplistic forms. Using materials such as books and wine barrels, and... Read more »

The Yield at Heaven Gallery

by Madeleine Bailey Wilderness, and the rendering of a clear sense of place, is strongly referenced in many of the collected works showcased in ‘The Yield’.   Manifested visually by references to trees, tree branches, foliage, and leafy fronds of all sorts, this show at Heaven Gallery brought together over 50 artists who all participated in... Read more »

Anti-Art and Performance Art on this Blog

Why so much coverage of performance art on this blog? (Explanation)   Visual Art is very restrictive in that it includes works that hang on a wall, sculpture, installation, and then… seemingly unrelated… performance art. Why? How did performance art manage to squeak its way in? Puppet Theatre generally isn’t invited, writing isn’t included, this... Read more »