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The Weekly Gallery Crawl: 6/3-6/5

This week the intrepid gallery crawler bears upon his back the Capitoline Wolf, aka the Etruscan She-Wolf, a much (date) debated sculpture of a female wolf, who, with the later-added (15th C.) twin babies, Romulus and Remus, is known as a statued manifestation of the founding sons of Rome. And now, for the Gallery Crawl…... Read more »

What, you weren't there? (#1)

by Stephanie Burke Well, I hope you all have had productive and art-filled weekends. If not, well, now you can at least live vicariously through my and Jeriah’s gallery crawling adventures. I give you the first installment of “What, you weren’t there?”, images from the gallery crawl:

Where the F*#K are YOU going? (12/04/09)

by Stephanie Burke Hey everyone out there in TV land. Just thought I’d drop ya’ll a line and let ya know where I’m going tonight. There will be follow up pictures, and perhaps even a snack report from Jeriah “The Bottomless Pit ” Hildwine! Also, be sure to check back for Where the F*#K are... Read more »