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Demise of the South Side Community Art Center

By Lee Ann Norman A Group Exhibition featuring: Sebastian Alvarez, Theaster Gates, Samantha Hill, Yashua Klos, Faheem Majeed, Patrick Rivers, Tony Smith, travis, Dan S. Wang, Ni’Ja Whitson. Although the word demise conjures associations with things like “end” “ruinous” “downfall” or “failure,” that’s not exactly what artist, curator, and Acting Executive Director Faheem Majeed had... Read more »

Interview with Theaster Gates (audio)

Download Interview (I don’t know how to stream audio, you can only download it for now.)     Theaster Gates is a Chicago artist who works with everything from ideas in urban planning to Japanese sculpture and performance. He came to my attention through Dawoud’s artist feature. You should  also listen to his artist talk... Read more »

Theaster Gates: Chicago's Very Public Artist - by Dawoud Bey

  Photo by Sara Pooley We often think of art as being something that is made in the privacy of the artist’s studio and then brought out into the world when it is time to be shown. This idea of art being made in private is, of course, one of the things that has traditionally... Read more »