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Snack Report Recap: Friday August 20th through Friday, September 3rd

by Jeriah HildwinePhotos by Stephanie Burke This snack report is a bit of a roundup of the past few weeks.  We’ve been gearing up for the big gallery opening night next Friday, September 10th, and have gotten a bit behind on the reporting.  But we’ve still been going out, looking at art, and eating snacks,... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, June 4th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine, photos by Stephanie Burke Now with less art, and more snacks!  (For images and our thoughts on the artwork we saw at these openings, check out our last edition of Monday Morning Quarterback.) International Museum of Surgical Science – 1524 N. Lake Shore Dr. Chromatherapy, work by Patrick Ryoichi Nagatani & Yew... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, April 23, 2010

by Jeriah HildwinePhotos by Stephanie Burke Jeriah in front of Anne Loucks Gallery. Stephanie and I had just gotten done installing our work at NFO XPO, part of Vers10n, and then it was time to hit the galleries.  We hit Anne Loucks, Threewalls, and Walsh: Anne Loucks – 1046 W. Fulton Mkt. Spontaneous Meditations, work... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, March 19th

by Jeriah Hildwine Steph was out of town this weekend, partying with our friends at a cabin in Wisconsin, but Jeriah fulfilled his duties of looking at art and getting obnoxiously drunk. While the cat’s away, the mice will play, and by “play” I mean get really drunk, look at some art, and embarrass themselves... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, February 5th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine This Friday we checked out photography at Stephen Daiter, glass at Ken Saunders, and then headed over to First Fridays at the MCA for the opening of Aspen Mays’ UBS 12×12.  Check out the snack report slideshow for Jeriah’s thoughts on absinthe, snacks, and the yuppie meat market. Jeriah is an artist,... Read more »

Snack Time Report, Friday, January 15th

by Jeriah Hildwine This weekend’s snack report starts with a flat tire, a stabbing, a fish fry, and a bunch of tanks and helicopters, all before we even got to the galleries!  Check out the slide show for a bunch of cool images (sorry sickos, I didn’t get any of the stabbing) and the rest... Read more »