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Home Pride at the MCA

  Paul Klein wrote a good Artletter yesterday, feeling almost ver clempt about the Constellations show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, (curated by Julie Rodrigues Widholm). The show features lots of local artists – Chicagoans Abercrombie,  Sigler,  Otero, Klement, Marshall, Kimler, Krane-Bergman, Ledgerwood, and Grabner along with fabulous works by artists from Magritte to... Read more »

Paul Klein's artist profile on Wesley Kimler

Wesley Kimler is one of the best painters of our time.  Fluent in myriad styles as broad as abstraction to realism, he is capable of convincingly putting onto canvas any image or form he wants – and he juxtaposes many. He is the most vociferous voice against conformity in Chicago’s too tame acceptance of global... Read more »

Joyce Owens: Do Collectors Owe Profits to Artists?

Before you get started with this, let me clarify that I am talking about artists who are still selling work at moderate prices through art galleries. The artists whose work can be resold without them even knowing. And not the Kerry James Marshall type artists. He recently sold a painting through his gallery, Jack Shainman,... Read more »

Paul Klein: Artist Spotlight on Sabrina Raaf

Editor’s Note: June’s theme is “overlooked”. Although Sabrina Raaf has gotten some local press over the years, she is not represented by a gallery in Chicago although she has an illustrious international career. She just completed a 6,000 piece of electronic public art for McCormick Place West. Paul Klein has gotten some heat about having... Read more »