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The Top Ten Public Bathrooms In The Chicago Arts Neighborhoods

by Jeriah Hildwine What goes in, must come out.  With all the free beer (despite Grolsch’s recent abandonment of the Chicago art scene) and wine at the openings, that’s a lot of urine being generated.  And, it’s got to go someplace!  We’re not all Andres Serrano, so it can’t all become art.  We need bathrooms!... Read more »

Smashing Pinata Performance at Spoke Pre-reviewed

Post-Freudian PiƱata, You Complete Me Review by Gretchen Holmes   You might not care about Lacan or Zizek, but you totally feel Cheap Trick when they say “I Want You to Want Me.”  That’s Objet Petit A in a nutshell.  And this Friday I want you to want to be at Spoke, when an array of... Read more »