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Leading Whores to Culture

by Jeriah Hildwine At a recent art writers salon dinner hosted by Tricia Van Eck at her still-in-the-works space 6018 NORTH (her new endeavor after leaving her position as the MCA’s chief curator), the group of us were posed some questions, and one in particularly proved thorny.  Things got heated, chaotic, and nasty, which is... Read more »

The Morning After: Art Chicago and Gallery Opening Night

All told, it was an epic weekend, full of art, snacks, and good times.
by Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine You wake up, bleary-eyed, not sure where, or even who, you are.  “Why am I sticky?” you ask yourself.  “Did I see a man with an axe, chopping up puppies?”  Congratulations.  You survived Art Chicago. Check out the slideshow for images from Artropolis (Art Chicago/NEXT), some Black Pass events,... Read more »

Ghost Stories at the MCA: The Residents, "Talking Light"

Ghost Stories at the MCA:  The Residents, "Talking Light"
by Jeriah Hildwine Drinking beer through a straw, I settled down in my seat, not sure what to expect from The Residents.  I’d had a girlfriend back in college who was really into them, and was familiar with their tuxedoed eyeball-in-a-top-hat motif.  I may have heard a few of their songs, and thought of them... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, November 12 to Friday, December 3

What better way to end off the night but with cookies?  Oh, First Fridays is a cash bar, by the way.  Straight out of a David Cross routine, you've got to buy tickets and then exchange those for your drinks.  Drink tickets are non-refundable, so figure out what you're going to drink before you pay for your tickets.  We bought $20 in tickets.  I had a 10-ticket Bombay Sapphire martini, Steph had a 5-ticket beer, and then with our remaining 5 tickets we split one last beer.  I kind of wanted to have a few more drinks and then go watch Black Swan, but some friends called to invite us to the Brauhaus in Lincoln Square for sausage and boots of beer.  Which was great.  Black Swan was great too, we saw it a few days later.
by Jeriah Hildwine, photos by Stephanie Burke Over the past few weekends, we’ve gotten our snack on at a bunch of places.  Here are some highlights: Friday, November 12th:  Perspective From The PASTure, work by Jason Brammer at Flourish Studios;WHILE WHAT WAITS at Rooms (no pictures); Big Sky, work by Jerome Acks at 65Grand; YOU... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, February 5th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine This Friday we checked out photography at Stephen Daiter, glass at Ken Saunders, and then headed over to First Fridays at the MCA for the opening of Aspen Mays’ UBS 12×12.  Check out the snack report slideshow for Jeriah’s thoughts on absinthe, snacks, and the yuppie meat market. Jeriah is an artist,... Read more »

Squelching the rumor of an exodus from the MCA

Editors Note: Ahhh, the fresh smell of overblown internet rumors. The art website Art Fag City mused over an “exodus” from the MCA, citing Director Robert Fitzpatrick leaving eighteen months ago, and also mentions Kate Kraczon, who is listed in the 2008 Annual Report as a Curatorial Administrative Assistant.  What? Turnover among the administrative assistants? It’s empirical evidence that the... Read more »

Home Pride at the MCA

  Paul Klein wrote a good Artletter yesterday, feeling almost ver clempt about the Constellations show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, (curated by Julie Rodrigues Widholm). The show features lots of local artists – Chicagoans Abercrombie,  Sigler,  Otero, Klement, Marshall, Kimler, Krane-Bergman, Ledgerwood, and Grabner along with fabulous works by artists from Magritte to... Read more »

Review of RePurPose, week 3 of the MCA's performance art series

  RePurPose: a work in material gestures Gretchen Holmes The sweaters are thrift store refugees; the costumes are reconstructed business suit fragments; the sprouting seeds will be replanted in the MCA’s lawn.  Between these eco-sensitive overtones and the installation’s tactile splendor, viewers will find multiple points of entry; but where to go once inside?  This... Read more »

"Summer of Love 2.0" - Review, Video and Interview on Pt. 2 of the MCA Performance Art Series

[Editor’s Note:  The MCA’s performance art series Here/Not There is a five-part series that runs through August 2.  Starting with a bang with The Body Parlor (video link) by Katrina Chamberlin and James Kubie, then continuing on with Patrick Lichty: Summer of Love 2.0  this week, and runs through Saturday. Our goal is to cover... Read more »

Gallery Reviews: From Soto at MCA to Rhona Hoffman to Vespine

10 Reviews by the Friday Night Army   Joining us this week: 1. Ariel Pittman on Edra Soto’s 12×12 at the MCA 2. Nikio Grangruth on Lou Cabeen: Cartographies of the Unseen at Vespine Gallery 3. Lee Ann Norman on Dale Washington at the Lake Meadows Art Fair  4. Walsh Gallery on Miao Xiaochun  5.... Read more »