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The Business of Beauty

    By Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine This year’s iteration of SOFA, Chicago’s fair of Sculptural Objects and Functional Art, ran from November 4th through 7th.  SOFA’s mission is “bridging the worlds of design, decorative and fine arts, showcasing the rich visual heritage of the decorative arts alongside new, innovative expressions. The works presented... Read more »

Louise Bourgeois, 1911 to 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine Tokyo.  June, 2006.  You emerge from the Japan Rail station in Roppongi Hills, a rich neighborhood featuring an upscale shopping mall and, farther down, nightclubs and a red-light district.  The escalator emerges into the courtyard of the shopping mall.  You look up and see, towering over you, a hundred-foot-tall metal spider. Louise... Read more »

Dispatches from California: SF MOMA, 03/29/2010

by Jeriah Hildwine The boys, from left to right: Jeriah, James Angello, and J.R. Earnest. Not seen: Stephanie Burke…hey, someone had to push the button! About a month ago, Stephanie and I took advantage of the Spring Break from our college teaching jobs to fly out to California to see my family and some old... Read more »