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"The Figure Is Tits and Ass," or "Why Thomas Kinkade Needs More Cock"

by Jeriah Hildwine “The figure is tits and ass.” This was Grace Hartigan’s response to the class, when one of my classmates expressed an interest in painting the figure.  Grace was my instructor at the Hoffberger School of Painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art, while I was a graduate student there from 2005... Read more »

Black Thursday: Depictions of Thanksgiving

by Jeriah Hildwine It may be a truism that the more a thing is beloved by the majority of the American population, the more it will be disdained by the art world.  This is true of artists:  consider Monet, Rockwell, and of course Thomas Kinkade. (Bob Ross is somehow too lovable for even the most... Read more »