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Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, February 5th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine This Friday we checked out photography at Stephen Daiter, glass at Ken Saunders, and then headed over to First Fridays at the MCA for the opening of Aspen Mays’ UBS 12×12.  Check out the snack report slideshow for Jeriah’s thoughts on absinthe, snacks, and the yuppie meat market. Jeriah is an artist,... Read more »

The Top Ten Public Bathrooms In The Chicago Arts Neighborhoods

by Jeriah Hildwine What goes in, must come out.  With all the free beer (despite Grolsch’s recent abandonment of the Chicago art scene) and wine at the openings, that’s a lot of urine being generated.  And, it’s got to go someplace!  We’re not all Andres Serrano, so it can’t all become art.  We need bathrooms!... Read more »

Gregory Jacobsen at Zg Gallery

by Jeriah Hildwine Jeriah checking out “Prostrate,” new work by Gregory Jacobsen at Zg Gallery. This past friday, Gregory Jacobsen‘s show “Prostrate:  New Paintings and Works on Paper” opened this past Friday, January 8th, at Zg Gallery in River North.  Readers of my Snack Report may recall how excited I was by this.  Jacobsen has... Read more »

Art teachers lead students down path of debauchery: the truth behind the Burke/Hildwine Gallery Tour

(Kathryn’s Editor’s Note: the writers have no say in their headline title. I take full responsibility. I’m in breaking-news-scandal mode. Actual title below) Highlights from the Opening of the Fall Gallery Season: River North Narrative by Jeriah Hildwine With a benefit of a week and change to digest the rich slurry of art projected our... Read more »

Google Searching For God at ebersB9

Review by Jeriah Hildwine Jason Ferguson’s current exhibition, Google Searching for God, at ebersb9, features evidence of his attempts at finding a higher power through an Internet search engine.  The evidence presented consists of two 24×36″ digital prints, and a hand-built light table displaying a scroll of typewriter-embossed paper. The prints, titled God Sighting A... Read more »

Summer Art Gallery Reviews - Part 1

Once again the Friday Night Army ventured fourth into the fray. This week our reports from the field will be posted in three parts. Part one features: Jeriah Hildwine on Salad-Church-Exercise at Co-Prosperity Sphere Corinna Kirsch on Size Matters at Packer Schopf Gallery Lee Ann Norman on Onsmith Dog Stew & Monkey Nudd Wine at Spudnik... Read more »