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Obama as The Joker: another image co-opted by conservatives because they don't have art of their own

People from oppositie sides of the political spectrum come together to make ineffective art.  Firas Alkhateeb, the Chicagoan who casually adapted a Time Magazine cover of Obama into a Dark-night-style Joker using a Photoshop tutorial, doesn’t explicitly say he’s a liberal, but he did say he would vote for Dennis Kucinich. To put this on... Read more »

Art, Ambiguity, and Autism

For reasons I won’t disclose, I know more about Autism than I’d like to. A couple months ago, I said to a therapist in passing, “Working in the arts, trying to explain experimental art to normal people, it starts to feel like everyone has Autism, to some degree.” Unfortunately for those of us around it, Asperger’s/Autism is “the... Read more »

City to Park Pavilion Visitors: Keep Off!

Ben van Berkel and Zaha Hadid pavilions I wrote briefly about the two Burham Pavilion projects by architects Zaha Hadid and Ben van Berkel’s UNStudio a few weeks ago when the van Berkel pavilion opened and the Hadid was delayed due to fabrication problems. My observations from visiting the site that first opening week led... Read more »