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Snack Time Report: Budapest Edition (Part 2 of 4)

So, I got on the plane with a belly full of enchiladas and a purse full of snacks for the flight.  After we took off, I opened up a can of cashews, and shared a few handfuls with the woman sitting next to me.  She was a really nice lady from Belgium, and was super... Read more »

Snack Time Report: Budapest Edition (Part 1 of 4)

by Jeriah Hildwine Hello there fellow snackers, from SEVEN HOURS IN THE FUTURE!  I’m visiting my sister here in Budapest (say it “Budapesht” to sound more cool), which is why I was not out foraging in Chicago’s gallery/snack bars this past weekend.  I hope some of you went out, ate, drank, and looked at art,... Read more »

Greetings from the West (coast, that is)

Hello everyone! First off, some apologies are in order. ATC has slowed down a bit lately, on account of my busyness and the switch, but fear not, there will be a beautiful lineup for the new year. Now, on to the headline. I am, as I write, sitting in my mother’s living room in Nevada... Read more »

Snack Time Report, Friday, December 11th

by Jeriah Hildwine This past Friday, December the 11th, was a busy one for art openings, and there were plenty of drinks and snacks!  Thomas Robertello was our first stop; our friend Adam Ekberg is having a show of his photographs there.  They had Pabst Blue Ribbon, for which Steph opted, and Jim Beam with... Read more »

What, you weren't there? (#2)

Snack Report for Friday, December 4th and Saturday, December 5th

For the past couple of months, I’ve been writing reviews of the refreshments served at art gallery openings, for my wife Stephanie Burke’s blog.    For those readers who haven’t been following it there, I’ll repost the introduction here, so you can see where I’m coming from with this: Art does not follow the supply-and-demand model... Read more »

What, you weren't there? (#1)

by Stephanie Burke Well, I hope you all have had productive and art-filled weekends. If not, well, now you can at least live vicariously through my and Jeriah’s gallery crawling adventures. I give you the first installment of “What, you weren’t there?”, images from the gallery crawl:

Where the F*#K are YOU going? (12/05/09)

by Stephanie Burke And now, the second round this weekend of Where the F*#K are YOU going? The lineup for tonight involves busin’ and hoofin’, but tonight I’m going to remember gloves. Check back tomorrow for the first installment of What? You weren’t there?, a weekly visual survey of people, places, art, and tasty snacks.... Read more »

Where the F*#K are YOU going? (12/04/09)

by Stephanie Burke Hey everyone out there in TV land. Just thought I’d drop ya’ll a line and let ya know where I’m going tonight. There will be follow up pictures, and perhaps even a snack report from Jeriah “The Bottomless Pit ” Hildwine! Also, be sure to check back for Where the F*#K are... Read more »

The Apocalypse in Art (or at least some of the apocalypse in some art)

Share by Stephanie Burke So, as my inaugural post at Editor-in-Chief of Art Talk Chicago, you will be getting a piece of my world. Now, this may bear an explanation of a congealing of events recently: going to see “The Road” (book was better, I must tip my hat to Oprah for exposing her unknowing... Read more »
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