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Why Do We Collect? by Dawoud Bey

I have been reading a wonderful little book, Collections of Nothing by William Davies King that a friend recently introduced me to. The book is partly autobiography and partly an examination of the impulse to collect and order objects–mundane or otherwise–and the ways in which this activity shapes our lives or the ways our lives shape... Read more »

Artist Profile: Curtis Mann

Curtis Mann, Courtesy 20X200 A Jen Bekman Project Curtis Mann has been busy these days. The young Chicago photo based artist recently closed an impressive UBS 12X12 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in March, around the same time he was mounting an exhibition at Boston’s Howard Yezerski Gallery. Last month saw him exhibiting in The Solo Project... Read more »

Who gets reviewed by art critics?

Who Gets Reviewed: Behind the Scenes at the Arts and Culture Desk OR What happens to art that falls into a critical no-man’s land.   Recently, Dawoud Bey wrote an editorial about the type of art that makes it into the big leagues. I won’t get into all the details, but it angered a lot... Read more »

Editorial by Dawoud Bey on Government Support for the Arts

How Can the Government Support Artists? By Dawoud Bey   President Barack Obama recently named Broadway theater producer and impressario Rocco Landesman as his nominee to head the National Endowment for the Arts. Not too well known outside of theater circles, Landesman’s nomination has nevertheless reignited an impassioned conversation about the role that government should... Read more »