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Process State: From Icon to Abstraction (Part 1)

Art Talk Chicago is now inviting guest writers to contribute pieces to the blog. Each weekend a writer will be featured, writing on a topic of their choice. This week our guest writer is Stephanie Cristello, featuring Part 1 of an interview with B. Ingrid Olson. Next Saturday, return for part 2 of the interview... Read more »

Monday Morning Quarterback, June 14th, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine and Stephanie Burke Stephen Daiter Gallery – 230 W. Superior St. The Intuitive Photography of Jay King and Lee Balterman. Reception 5-8pm. Stephanie with the work at Stephen Daiter. S: I really enjoyed this work. I’ve always loved “vintage” street photography, for both its historical and ethnographic insights, as well as its... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Sunday, March 14th

by Jeriah HildwinePhotographs by Stephanie Burke This weekend’s iteration of the Artists And Residents series laid out an impressive array of snacks. One may debate at great length whether Chicago’s art scene is truly world class, and if you talk long enough you might even find someone to listen to you.  Chicago may be lacking... Read more »