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"Bad at Sports" turns four

How it works: Bad at Sports, the Chicago crew, and the new blog Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland and Amanda Browder (2006) I e-met Richard Holland through violent flame wars on (defunct) Othergroup. And that’s where he mentioned Bad at Sports, a newly invented media form called a podcast. It was August, 2006.  By show 12,... Read more »

Paul Klein's artist profile on Wesley Kimler

Wesley Kimler is one of the best painters of our time.  Fluent in myriad styles as broad as abstraction to realism, he is capable of convincingly putting onto canvas any image or form he wants – and he juxtaposes many. He is the most vociferous voice against conformity in Chicago’s too tame acceptance of global... Read more »

Western Exhibitions and the Weekend

I’d like to spotlight a couple things about the upcoming weekend, and also give links to worthy people who cull through all this stuff. In a nutshell, tonight is the second Friday of the month, so Pilsen (around 18th and Halsted – see our map) has got a whole lineup of stuff. They say there are... Read more »