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The Weekly Gallery Crawl (10/21 & 10/22)

10/21 33 Collective Gallery – 1029 W. 35th St. Network: From Turin to Chicago and Vice Versa. Reception 7-10pm. 65GRAND – 1369 W Grand Ave. Sit, Be Still, and Listen, Because You’re Drunk and We’re at the Edge of the Roof, work Gary Rattigan. Reception 7-10pm Co-Prosperity Sphere – 3219 S Morgan St. Future Perfect,... Read more »

Mopping up ‘Afterbirth’: A Follow-Up Article to ‘Afterbirth of a Nation’

  by Jeriah Hildwine Last week I posted an article, “Afterbirth of a Nation”, which left a few gaps in its arguments.  A couple of friends of mine provided some feedback on these gaps, prompting this article as an attempt to address their observations. Paul Germanos observed in a comment on last week’s post: Jeriah... Read more »

Leading Whores to Culture

by Jeriah Hildwine At a recent art writers salon dinner hosted by Tricia Van Eck at her still-in-the-works space 6018 NORTH (her new endeavor after leaving her position as the MCA’s chief curator), the group of us were posed some questions, and one in particularly proved thorny.  Things got heated, chaotic, and nasty, which is... Read more »

Eric Fleischauer: Media Murdering Her Children

Eric Fleischauer: Media Murdering Her Children
by Jeriah Hildwine “Media. I think I have heard of her. Isn’t she the one who killed her children?” “Different woman,” said Mr. Nancy. “Same deal.” – Neil Gaiman, American Gods Eric Fleischauer is a Chicago artist who has recently exhibited his work at ThreeWalls, Hyde Park Art Center, Noble & Superior Projects, Pentagon, and... Read more »

The Red Dot Report (8/17/2010)

by Jeriah Hildwine and Stephanie Burke In this, the second installment of the Red Dot Report, we bring good news from Judy Saslow, Linda Warren, Rotofugi, and Ebersmoore.  Also in this issue are Jeriah’s responses to Lucas Deon Spivey‘s article, “The Red Dot Retort,” from his blog, Meaning In Art.  Spivey made some great points... Read more »

Monday Morning Quarterback, July 16th & 17th, 2010

by Stephanie Burke & Jeriah Hildwine Friday night was Meg Onli’s going away party, and our final stop at the end of the night. On our way to that final destination, we hit two shows: Proof at Catherine Edelman, and The Art of Touring at Johalla Projects. The night ended with a 4am bus ride... Read more »

Where the F*#K are YOU going? (03/26/10-03/28/10)

Where the F*#K am I going, you ask? Well, like last week, and the next few to come, I am going somewhere wholly outside of Chicago. But that does not mean I am leaving the Chicago art scene behind. I’ll also be taking an adventuresome foray into the land of my own art making. Curious?... Read more »

The Apocalypse in Art (or at least some of the apocalypse in some art)

Share by Stephanie Burke So, as my inaugural post at Editor-in-Chief of Art Talk Chicago, you will be getting a piece of my world. Now, this may bear an explanation of a congealing of events recently: going to see “The Road” (book was better, I must tip my hat to Oprah for exposing her unknowing... Read more »