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Where the F*#K are YOU going? (02/12/10-02/14/10)

Here we are again. CAA is in town this weekend, so there is a lot going on. Come on in and have a look at where Jeriah “The Snack Master” Hildwine and myself are adventuring to… FRIDAY – A. Sullivan Galleries – 33 S. State St. Picturing the Studio. Reception 6-8pm. B. Spoke – 119... Read more »

Chicago Gallery Snack Report: Friday, January 29, 2010

by Jeriah Hildwine Astute readers will notice a slight change in the name of the Snack Time Report.  Don’t worry, it’s still about snacks!  We’ve just changed the name a little so that people know that most of these snacks come from art galleries.  New name, same great snacks!  Like when Green Jello became Green... Read more »

Where the F*#K are YOU going? (01/22/10 & 01/23/10)

by Stephanie Burke Well hello again. Time for another round of Where the F*#K are YOU Going? This weekend is a veritable Weekend of Alternative Spaces. There is a glut of openings at project spaces, alt. spaces, apartment spaces, whatever you want to call the. There’s even a friggin’ tour! Have a look… Friday Night:... Read more »

Snack Time Report: Budapest Edition (Part 4 of 4)

by Jeriah Hildwine The final wrap-up from my trip to Budapest.  Graffiti, liters of beer, ox cheeks, airport food, and airport art!  Check out the slide show.

Where the F*#K are YOU going? (12/05/09)

by Stephanie Burke And now, the second round this weekend of Where the F*#K are YOU going? The lineup for tonight involves busin’ and hoofin’, but tonight I’m going to remember gloves. Check back tomorrow for the first installment of What? You weren’t there?, a weekly visual survey of people, places, art, and tasty snacks.... Read more »

The Apocalypse in Art (or at least some of the apocalypse in some art)

Share by Stephanie Burke So, as my inaugural post at Editor-in-Chief of Art Talk Chicago, you will be getting a piece of my world. Now, this may bear an explanation of a congealing of events recently: going to see “The Road” (book was better, I must tip my hat to Oprah for exposing her unknowing... Read more »

Black Thursday: Depictions of Thanksgiving

by Jeriah Hildwine It may be a truism that the more a thing is beloved by the majority of the American population, the more it will be disdained by the art world.  This is true of artists:  consider Monet, Rockwell, and of course Thomas Kinkade. (Bob Ross is somehow too lovable for even the most... Read more »