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1/11 - LAKEVIEW - Rotofugi Gallery - 2780 N. Lincoln Ave. Dan Grzeca and Adam DeVarney. Reception 7-10pm. LOGAN SQUARE - Adult Contemporary - 2351 N. Milwaukee Ave. Collaborative Works, work by Jesse Butcher and Corkey Sinks. Reception 7-9pm. LOOP - Elephant Room, Inc. - 704 S. Wabash Ave. Urban Penumbra, work by Ray Ferrer.... Read more »

Ghost Stories at the MCA: The Residents, "Talking Light"

Ghost Stories at the MCA:  The Residents, "Talking Light"
by Jeriah Hildwine Drinking beer through a straw, I settled down in my seat, not sure what to expect from The Residents.  I’d had a girlfriend back in college who was really into them, and was familiar with their tuxedoed eyeball-in-a-top-hat motif.  I may have heard a few of their songs, and thought of them... Read more »

Bringing Themselves to the Big City: Artsplosia, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MFA show, at Co-Prosperity Sphere

By Jeriah HildwinePhotographs by Stephanie Burke I first heard of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign back in late 2003, when I was  applying to graduate school.  A friend told me that it was a well-regarded program, well-ranked by the U.S. News and World Report rankings, and so it went onto the list of nineteen... Read more »

Robertello's New Digs: Peter Allen Hoffmann and Jason Robert Bell at Thomas Robertello Gallery

By Jeriah HildwinePhotographs by Stephanie Burke Thomas Robertello has moved into his new space at 27 N Morgan, just around the corner from his old location.  It’s a step up, more spacious (although still not huge) and with a cleaner feel, more “white cube” than the old space, with fashionably-unfinished concrete floor, huge storefront windows,... Read more »

A Giant in the West Loop: Huma Bhaba at Rhona Hoffman

By Jeriah HildwinePhotos by Stephanie Burke “Huma Bhaba” isn’t one of those absurdist, implied-onomatopoetic titles that are in vogue right now; it’s the Pakistan-born, New York-based artist’s name.  Like Curtis Mann, who shows at Kavi Gupta right across the street from Rhona Hoffman, she was included in the 2010 Whitney Biennial, curated by Francisco Bonami... Read more »

Molly Zuckerman: Hartung is Not a Witch at Julius Caesar

by Mia Ruyter Molly Zuckerman-Hartung has titled her current exhibit Scrying, (Julius CaesarGallery, through Nov. 28) which is a term for a kind of magical divination. Inscrying, a person leaves this physical world to enter a magical, imaginary parallelworld, where they interact with other beings who give them clues to the future.It is a kind... Read more »

Level Eater at Co-Prosperity Sphere

Michael's character was a human magic-based fighter-type guy.  He had this weird psionic Wolverine claws he used to disembowel people.  Oh, and he could fly.  I guess I didn't get photos of Steph and I and our characters, so that's it.  It was fun!
by Jeriah HildwinePhotos by Stephanie Burke A few weeks ago, Michael Garcia of Pentagon Gallery got together with Ed Marzewski of Co-Prosperity Sphere to put on the Level Eater, a Dungeons and Dragons-themed art exhibition, complete with live game playing and fantasy movie screenings.  Check out the slideshow for images from this event.

REVIEW - Laura Letinsky: To Peach at Donald Young

- Mia Ruyter Laura Letinsky’s photographs at Donald Young (through Nov 5) are elegant and refined, but with a treacherous undercurrent.  Her earlier photographs, like those she showed at The Renaissance Society in 2004, recalled seventeenth century Dutch vanitas, the still life compositions of Cezanne, and modern Italian design. They more clearly referenced domesticity.  Rotting... Read more »

Joanna Pinsky: "Architectural Fragments" at Perimeter Gallery

Victor M. Cassidy For Joanna Pinsky, color is the main event. Her work explores color, not what she sees in the world, but what she imagines and makes happen with paint. Pinsky’s current show “Architectural Fragments” is up at Perimeter Gallery until September 3. She hangs twenty-one acrylic paintings on board, each shaped like an... Read more »

Spatial City at the Hyde Park Art Center

By Mia Ruyter The artworks in Spatial City, a group exhibit at The Hyde Park Art center, reflect an evolution in the utopian inclination.  In presenting this exhibit, The Hyde Park Art breaks with its traditional role of presenting almost exclusively works by local artists.  The exhibit is a the result of a collaboration between... Read more »
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