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The Business of Beauty

    By Stephanie Burke and Jeriah Hildwine This year’s iteration of SOFA, Chicago’s fair of Sculptural Objects and Functional Art, ran from November 4th through 7th.  SOFA’s mission is “bridging the worlds of design, decorative and fine arts, showcasing the rich visual heritage of the decorative arts alongside new, innovative expressions. The works presented... Read more »

SOFA Chicago: 11/4/2011 to 11/6/2011

This weekend is SOFA, the Sculptural Objects and Functional Art fair at Navy Pier.  It serves as a counterpoint to Art Chicago, like the Summer and Winter Solstices of Chicago’s art world.  While Art Chicago includes Next (dedicated to emerging artists) and the Antiques Fair (self-explanitory) as well as the more blue chip Art Chicago... Read more »

Nancy Holt at the Graham Foundation

I just returned from a weekend in rural northern Kentucky and southern Indiana. The primary reason for my trip was to attend the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, and event Jeriah and I have been attending on a nearly yearly basis since moving to Chicago. On our way back from there we spent the afternoon... Read more »

Mopping up ‘Afterbirth’: A Follow-Up Article to ‘Afterbirth of a Nation’

  by Jeriah Hildwine Last week I posted an article, “Afterbirth of a Nation”, which left a few gaps in its arguments.  A couple of friends of mine provided some feedback on these gaps, prompting this article as an attempt to address their observations. Paul Germanos observed in a comment on last week’s post: Jeriah... Read more »

Afterbirth of a Nation: Residual Effects of Racist Themes in American Popular Cinema

by Jeriah Hildwine We’ve come a long way since D.W. Griffith’s infamously racist 1915 depiction of the Civil War and Reconstruction in “Birth of a Nation,” but depictions of African Americans in Hollywood have not entirely escaped the shadow of the more overt racism of the past.  Several recent popular films provide clear evidence of... Read more »

September 9th: Opening of the Gallery Season

This Friday is the annual opening of the gallery season. With 20+ openings in River North, 18+ openings in the West Loop, and 20+ openings throughout the rest of the city, it is a very busy night. For those of you not into openings, this signals the opportunity to see a bunch of great shows... Read more »

New Work: Alex Lee

Now Korea based artist Alex Lee‘s new work, The Glass House, combines computer simulated images of Philip Johnson’s architectural landmark of the same name, combined with excerpts from The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista, a short piece by author J. G. Ballard. In Lee’s own words, the work, “juxtaposes these two fictitious and realistic narratives to... Read more »

Leading Whores to Culture

by Jeriah Hildwine At a recent art writers salon dinner hosted by Tricia Van Eck at her still-in-the-works space 6018 NORTH (her new endeavor after leaving her position as the MCA’s chief curator), the group of us were posed some questions, and one in particularly proved thorny.  Things got heated, chaotic, and nasty, which is... Read more »

How Do You Decide?

How Do You Decide?
I am busy all the time. I’m always working on or out doing something, be it making work, teaching, writing, looking at art, etc. Given that I, like everyone else in the world, have only a finite amount of time to spend doing all the things I need and want to do, I have to... Read more »

They Took The Drugs, And The Drugs Took Them

They Took The Drugs, And The Drugs Took Them
by Jeriah Hildwine Tell the average American, or even more so the average person on the Internet, that Lucian Freud passed away, and they will shrug and ask who that was.  Moreover, when someone dies at the age of 88, like Freud did, and nobody asks why.  Or, as Louis Black put it:  “What did... Read more »