The Weekly Gallery Crawl! (5/30-6/1)

5/30 -
ARC Gallery - 2156 N. Damen Ave. Shelley Gilchrist & Joe Steiner. Reception 6-9pm.

Carl Hammer Gallery - 740 N. Wells St. Saints and Sinners, work by CJ Pyle. Reception 6-8pm.

Chicago Artist Coalition - 217 N. Carpenter St. Radical Natural, curated by Erin Toale with work by Liz Gadelha, Wolfie E. Rawk, and Nora Renick-Rinehart; Human Factors, work by Kim Harty. Reception 6-9pm.

Firecat Projects - 2124 N. Damen Ave. Greta Van Campen. Reception 7-10pm.

Ordinary Projects - 2233 S. Throop St. 5th Fl. Physical Education & Team Spirited, work by Macon Reed. Reception 6-10pm.

Winkelman-Milling Projects - 960 W. Cullerton St. I haven’t come yet, work by Autumn Elizabeth Clark. Reception 7-10pm.

5/31 -
Azimuth Projects - 2704 N. Whipple St. GAZE, work by Rob Bondgren and Ivan Lozano. Reception 6-9pm.

President's Gallery at Harold Washington College - 30 E. Lake St. The Making of Artists, work by Annie Heckman, Maya Mackrandilal, Jovencio de la Paz, Casey Smallwood, Rafael E. Vera, and Amanda Williams. Reception 10am-5pm.

Roman Susan - 1224 W. Loyola Ave. On the impossibility of a singular hand, work by Joshua Kent. Reception 7-10pm.

6/1 -
Terrain Exhibitions - 704 Highland Ave. Oak Park. Meg Duguid & Tom Denlinger. Reception 4-7pm.

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