The Weekly Gallery Crawl (8/19-8/21)

4/19 -
33 Contemporary Gallery - 1029 W. 35th St. Xpressionism, woke by Harry Sudman. Reception 7-10pm.

Co-Prosperity Sphere - 3219 S. Morgan St. BACK MATTER, work by Lise Haller Baggesen, Joshua Demaree, Darja Filippova, Danny Floyd, Chris Fotopulos, Sarah Hamilton, Peter Kusek, Ruslana Lichtzier, Elcin Marasli, Anthony D. Stepter, Devdutt Trivedi, and Michelle Weidman. Reception 6-10pm.

LeMR Art House - 1200 W. 35th St. #4003. Bio Mythology, work by Rebecca DeGraw, Maya Durham and Lisa Limas. Reception 6-10pm.

Zhou B Art Center - 1029 W. 35th St. Adversity, work by Linc Thelen. Reception 7-10pm.

Logan Center Gallery - 915 E. 60th St. Ply (UChicago MFA Show #2), work by Nick Basis, Mark Beasley, Anais Daly, and Katherine Harvath. Reception 6-9pm.

Columbia College Chicago Library - 624 S. Michigan Ave. 5th Fl. Alumni on 5: Teaching Artists, work by Matt Austin, Dan Bradica, Kate Bowen, Jessica Egan, Kristina Gosh, and Sooz Main, curated by Chelsea Middendorf and Jessica Rodrigue. Reception 5-7pm.

Experimental Sound Studio - 5925 N. Ravenswood Ave. Post-apocalyptic Trash Paintings, work by Katie Shaw. Reception 6-9pm.

Addington Gallery - 704 N. Wells St. New Paintings, work by Ronald Clayton and Carl Linstrum. Reception 5-8pm.

Carl Hammer Gallery - 740 N. Wells St. Aristotle Georgiades. Reception 5:30-8pm.

Gruen Galleries - 226 W. Superior St. Abstract Florals, work by Jeff Sippel. Reception 5-8pm.

Hilton | Asmus Contemporary - 716 N. Wells St. Weaving Gardens + Casting Shadows, work by Ani Afshar. Reception 5-9pm.

Perimeter Gallery - 210 W. Superior St. 34 Days to Washington, work by Don Pollack; New Paintings, work by Rhonda Gates. Reception 5-8pm.

Roy Boyd Gallery - 739 N. Wells St. Wall Relief Group Show, work by Joel Perlman, Manfred Mueller, Jay Phillips, Joan Livingstone, Vadim Katznelson, Sarah Krepp, and John Fraser. Reception 5-8pm.

Vale Craft Gallery - 230 W. Superior St. For the Birds. Reception 5-8pm.

Zolla/Lieberman Gallery - 325 W. Huron St. The Need to Paint, work by Phyllis Bramson, Nick Ostoff, Mario Romano, and Carly Silverman. Reception 5-8pm.

Gallery 400 - 400 S. Peoria St. DEPARTURE: 2013 UIC MFA Thesis Exhibition 4, work by Benjamin Keddy, Alex Rauch, Macon Reed, and Andrew Reinke. Reception 5-8pm.

The Octagon Gallery - 120 N. Green St. Unit 3B. Black Emporium, work by Jesse Avina and Michael Garcia. Reception 7-10pm.

4/20 -
Gallery 914 - 914 N. California Ave. SPS (Student Photographic Society) Spring Open. Reception 6-9pm.

3433 - 3433 Kedvale Ave. It Will Heal, work by Caleb Sheridan. Reception 6-9pm.

The Storefront - 2606 N. California Ave. Fernweh, work by Erik Wenzel. Reception 6-10pm.

Autumn Space - 1700 W. Irving Park Rd. #207. Puppies Puppies Presents Autumn Space Autumn Space. Reception 6-9pm.

Images Gallery - 1823 W. Wilson Ave. Katherine Drake Chial. Reception 6-10pm.

Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery - 1136 N Milwaukee Ave. The Wishing Pelt, work by Sean Fader. Reception 8-11:55pm.

Eyeporium Gallery - 1431 N. Milwaukee Ave. 1968: Vanished Realities, work by Stan Rosenstock. Reception 6-9pm.

4/21 -
Peanut Gallery - 1000 N. California Ave. Better Left Unsaid, work by Nina Palomba. Reception 5-9pm.

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