The Weekly Gallery Crawl! (2/8-2/10)

2/8 -
Adult contemporary - 2351 N. Milwaukee Ave. Stranger Danger, work by Judith Brotman and Karolina Gnatowski. Reception 7-9pm.

Chicago Art Department- 1932 South Halsted St. OCD [OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DRIVE], work by Todd Frugia, Nat Soti, Lauren Feece, Asia Rusztowicz, Edyta Stepien, and Chuck Przybyl. Reception 6-10pm.

Corbett vs. Dempsey - 1120 N. Ashland Ave. Constructions, 1960-1970, work by Rodney Quiriconi; Diane Simpson. Reception 5-8pm.

Jennifer Norback Fine Art & The Project Room - 217 W. Huron. Chicago in Paris, work by Cindy Bernhard, Tony Fitzpatrick, Michael Goro, Rene Romero Schuler, and Douglas Stapleton. Reception 5-8pm

Johalla Projects - 1821 W. Hubbard. Love in the Time of Online Dating, work by Don't Fret. Reception 7-10pm.

Linda Warren Projects - 327 N. Aberdeen. Somebody’s Beauty, work by Ed Valentine; B.Z.C: Bent, Zigzag and Crooked, work by Michael Stillion. Reception 6-9pm.

Prospectus Art Gallery - 1210 W. 18th St. Photosynthesis, work by Tim Arroyo. Reception 5-10pm.

ROOMS Gallery - 1835 S. Halsted. Tranquility through Assemblage. Reception 7-10pm.

Rotofugi Gallery - 2780 N. Lincoln Ave. Divorced From Heaven, work by Derek Hess. Reception 7-10pm.

The Soccer Club Club - 2921 N. Cicero Ave. Wane’s World: A History of “Things”, work by Becca Mann. Reception 8-11pm.

2/9 -
Andrew Rafacz Gallery - 835 W. Washington Blvd. Cern, work by Jeremy Bolen. Reception 4-7pm.

Arc Gallery - 2156 N. Damen Ave. I'll Have the Plain Icing, work by Amanda Aton; Seeing Nothing, work by Jonee Cocchia; Nostalgia, work by Sue Katz. Reception 4-7pm.

Aspect/Ratio - 119 N. Peoria St. Hourglass, work by Xavier Cha. Reception 6-9pm.

Carrie Secrist Gallery - 835 W. Washington. Judith Geichman. Reception 5-8pm.

Kavi Gupta Gallery - 835 W. Washington Blvd. I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Until I Die; Waver, work by Matthew Metzger. Reception 4-7pm.

The Franklin - 3522 W. Franklin Blvd. The Visitor’s Hours & Visitation Rites, work by Chris Smith. Reception 7-10pm.

2/10 -
ACRE Projects - 1913 W. 17th St. #With: The Jerks. Reception 4-8pm.

ADDS DONNA - 4223 W Lake St. Surfin’, work by Marcel Alcala, Lauren Anderson, uis Miguel Bendaña, Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Neal Frederick Vandenbergh. Reception 1-5pm.

Anatomy/Gift/Association - 1619 W. 16th St. Performances in The Snow. Reception noon-3pm.

Beverly Arts Center - 2407 W. 111th St. Alter Ego, work by Chandrika Marla; 38 Birds, work by Eckhardt Kohler. Reception 2-5pm.

Roxaboxen Editions - 2130 W 21st St. After The After Party, work by Christina McClelland and Tom Costa. Reception 6-10pm.

Spertus Institute - 610 S. Michigan Ave. Cindy Robin. Reception 2-5pm.

The Renaissance Society - 5811 S Ellis Ave. Joy of the Real: The Reception of “New Art” in 1970s Chicago, work by Anne Rorimer Lecture. Reception 2pm.

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