1/11 -
Rotofugi Gallery - 2780 N. Lincoln Ave. Dan Grzeca and Adam DeVarney. Reception 7-10pm.

Adult Contemporary - 2351 N. Milwaukee Ave. Collaborative Works, work by Jesse Butcher and Corkey Sinks. Reception 7-9pm. 

Elephant Room, Inc. - 704 S. Wabash Ave. Urban Penumbra, work by Ray Ferrer. Reception 6:30-9pm. 

Thomas Masters Gallery - 245 W. North Ave. Drips + Grids, work by Melody Saraniti. Reception 5-9pm.

Chicago Art Department - 1932 S. Halsted St. Body in Flux, work by Galina Shevchenko, Lauren Carter and Frol Boundin. Reception 6-10pm.

ROOMS - 1835 S. Halsted St. ASSEMBLAGE, work by Todd Frugia and Marrakesh. reception 7-10pm.

Carl Hammer Gallery - 740 N. Wells. Portfolio 2013. Reception 5:30-8pm.

Catherine Edelman Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. As The Crow Flies, work by Holly Roberts. Reception 5-8pm. 

David Weinberg Photography - 300 W. Superior St. A Decade of Printmaking: Abstract Works. Reception 5-8pm. 

Echt Gallery - 222 W. Superior St. Shayna Leib. Reception 5-7:30pm. 

Hilton | Asmus Contemporary - 716 N. Wells St. Body & Soul, work by Arica Hilton, Tammy Kohl, and Belgin Yucelen. Reception 5-9pm. 

Jean Albano Gallery - 215 W. Superior St. "WILD" Life. Reception 5:30-7:30pm.

Judy A Saslow Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. Jordan Scott. Reception 5-8pm. 

Ken Saunders Gallery - 230 W. Superior St. HARD/SOFT, work by Rick Beck, Lene Bodker, Sidney Hutter, Jon Kuhn, Steven Weinberg, and Richard Whiteley. Reception 5-8pm. 

Perimeter Gallery - 210 W. Superior St. New Work, work by Jeff Aeling; Through the Glass Darkly, work by Paul Rinaldi. Reception 5-8pm. 

Roy Boyd Gallery - 739 N. Wells St. NEW PAINTINGS, work by Andrew Graham. Reception 5-8pm. 

Schneider Gallery - 230 W. Superior St. Body Language, work by Marc Hauser; Second Nature, work by Tony Favarula. Reception 5-7pm. 

Vale Craft Gallery - 230 W. Superior St. Winter Group Show. Reception 5-8pm. 

Zg Gallery - 300 W. Superior St. Walking, Looking, Making, work by Molly Briggs. Reception 5:30-7:30pm. 

Zolla/Lieberman Gallery - 325 W. Huron St. Vera Klement and William Conger. Reception 5-8pm. 

Las Manos Gallery - 1515 N. Foster Ave. Wood. Reception 7-10pm. 

Morpho Gallery - 5216 N. Damen Ave. The 8th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibitions. Reception 6-10pm.

Johalla Projects - 1821 W. Hubbard St. Studio Audience (WEATHER PATTERNS), work by Andrew Mausert-Mooney. Reception 8-10pm.

Chicago Artists' Coalition - 217 N. Carpenter St. Exchange: Chicago – Detroit, work by Taurus Burns, Design 99, Jessica Frelinghuysen, Scott Hocking, Chido Johnson, Nicola Kuperus, Faina Lerman, Adam Lee Miller, Clinton Snider, Vince Troia and Graem Whyte. Reception 6-9pm. 

Ebersmoore - 350 N. Ogden Ave. Ultimate Boon, work by Kate Ruggeri. Reception 6-9pm. 

Packer Schopf Gallery - 942 W. Lake St. Wunderkammer, work by Lauren Levato; Wilderness of Mirrors, work by Andréa Stanislav; Psychedelic, work by Bruce Riley; Zodiac, work by Deborah Baker. Reception 5-8pm. 

threewalls - 119 N. Peoria St. Panel, work by Mary Patten; The Unreliable Narrator, work by Matthew Paul Jinks. Reception 6-9pm. 

Heaven Gallery - 1550 N. Milwaukee, 2nd Fl. Dig, work by Nina Barnett, Marissa Lee Benedict, and Allison Rowe. Reception 7-11pm. 

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art - 756 N. Milwaukee Ave. An Ill Wind Blowing, work by Kevin Blythe Sampson; The Circus Collages of C.T. McClusky, work by C.T. McClusky. Reception 5-8pm.

The Mission - 1431 W. Chicago Ave. Returning to the Cave, work by Jeroen Nelemans. Reception 6-9pm. 

1/12 -
ARC Gallery - 2156 N. Damen Ave. Hereticha Be'eynecha, work by Granite Amit. Reception 4-7pm. 

Space Club HQ - 3925 N. Elston Ave. Love Under Funnel Cake and Venga Boys. Reception 6-9pm.

Bert Green Fine Art - 8 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 1220. Body Like A Barrow, work by Raeleen Kao; Fold, work by Jessica Curtaz. Reception 5-8pm. 

LACUNA Artist Lofts + Studios - 2150 S. Canalport St. 2nd Saturdays Open Studios. Open from 12-6pm. 

Defibrillator - 1136 N Milwaukee Ave. Resucitate (Fundraiser Party). Event from 8-11pm. 

1/13 -
Cole's - 2338 N. Milwaukee Ave. Respond. React. Reception 7:30pm. 

PSA Projects - 2509 N. Lawndale Ave. The Dead of Winter, work by Mike Schuh and Yuan-Chen Li. Reception 5-7pm.

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